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This short video from Okuma Fishing and Tackle gives tips on how to choose your gear ratio. What gear ratio should you use and why do you need more than one? If you are trying to fine-tune your techniques, here are the 3 different recommended... Read more

Fishing Tips

This short video from Okuma Fishing and Tackle gives some tips on how to properly fish the swimbait. Jacob Wheeler demonstrates how to cast and wind. He says to let the bait fall to the bottom and have it crawl along the bottom. Then slow wind... Read more

Fishing Tips


Jason Whiting

There are a couple ways that anglers carry their rods through the bush, both with some advantages and disadvantages. One common way is to carry the rod by the cork handle with the rod tip facing forward. This way makes it easier to guide through... Read more

Fishing Tips


Louis Cahill

Leaving tightly reeled fly line on the reel for long periods of time can cause the fly line to retain it's coiled appearance. This issue only gets worse the longer you leave the fly line, so take a few minutes to stretch out your lines before you... Read more

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Kyle Shea

Although uncommon, sometimes silver salmon stop eating on every cast, so Deneki Outdoors has some tips to help fool a few more. Read more

Fishing Tips


Abe Blair

Are you finding that you spend too much time rigging and not enough actually fishing? Deneki Outdoors has 9 tips for quicker ways to switch between different rigs, flies, and tactics. Read more

Fishing Tips


Louis Cahill, Gink&Gasoline

Thick, uninviting, muddy water should not be overlooked when fishing as it provides the perfect hiding place for fish. Predatory fish are masters of ambush and the muddy water provides great ambush cover. The fish are protected from any threat up... Read more

Fishing Tips


Deneki Outdoors

Looking for tips on steelheading? Deneki Outdoors has some advice from Kara Knight, lodge manager at B.C. West on the Dean River. Read more

Fishing Tips