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    “Where’s the Hot Water?”

    One of the main reasons we moved from tent life to RV life ten years ago was for the added comfort, including having hot water. There is nothing like a steaming shower after hiking the amazing trails of Canada.  As cold weather becomes more... Read more

    Dec 18, 2023

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    Nathan Shipps

    A Guide to Cooking on the Road

    Hot dogs and s'mores are favourites around a campfire, but if you're travelling for extended periods, you’ll probably want to cook recipes with the ingredients you commonly use at home. Being prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner just makes it... Read more

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    Onkel Krischan

    Four Ways You Can Fix Leaking Windows in Your RV

    Have you ever had a leaking window on your RV? It wouldn’t surprise us if the answer was yes. It happens to many trailers and motorhomes after a while. Some enthusiasts have woken up to discover wet pillows and sheets while others find window... Read more


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    Beat the Heat with Proper AC Maintenance

    RV ownership doesn’t come without maintenance, which is especially important if you travel extensively throughout the summer or visit the southern United States in the winter. Regardless of your travel habits, travelling in warmer climates can put... Read more

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    Perry Mack

    Save $1,000 or More on a New RV Deck

    We recently needed to replace the 3 x 3 m  (10 x 10 ft) wood deck at our family’s lakeside cabin after about 15 years of moisture and a flood had rotted it away. I asked for two quotes. One was for a composite deck and the other for a typical wood... Read more


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    Steel Master Buildings

    Winterizing RV Tips You May Not Know

    Winterizing your RV is just one of the mandatory annual tasks that comes with ownership. Even though you may follow a thorough step-by-step checklist, it’s often the missed minor details that can cause the most damage in some of the most... Read more


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    RV Insulation and Easy Cold Weather DIY Projects

    If you’re like us, you like modifying your trailer, upgrading it with aftermarket products and systems for more convenience and comfort. Many upgrades can be completed in your driveway, RV shelter (if you have one) or garage. All that’s required... Read more

    Sep 3, 2021

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    H. Michael Miley

    Four Steps to Replace an RV Roof Vent

    If you're like any one of the two million-plus Canadian RVers, your trailer or motorhome is the perfect way to enjoy a vacation. For many, it’s also a way of life. In 2017 alone, those two million-plus RVers took a combined total of 8.2 million... Read more

    Aug 8, 2021

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    Perry Mack

    DIY Easy RV Reno

    Manufacturers design RVs to appeal to the largest numbers of potential buyers – that’s good business sense. But that doesn’t mean you have to love everything about your RV as it is. If you buy/order a new RV, you should be able to get exactly what... Read more

    May 25, 2021



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    Quinton Neufeldt

    Out with the Old…In with the Tech

    After owning my 1999 Palomino Bronco 1500 truck camper for four years, some of the components were starting to show some signs of wear and tear. This pop-up style camper is lightweight, easy to slide off of and on to the bed of my ½-ton pickup,... Read more

    Mar 29, 2021

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    Jason Betzing

    Take RV Interior Design to New Levels

    It doesn't matter if your RV is all-new or a vintage model that you're re-building from the ground up. Eventually, you'll probably start thinking about adding your own personal touches to the interior. So, here are a couple of different ways you... Read more

    Feb 26, 2021