• Lead Winter Wheeling Photo Trenten Kelley.jpg

    Trenten Kelley

    Snow Days

    During this time of year, you may receive a call or text from a buddy on a Saturday morning saying, “let’s go wheeling, the trails can’t be that bad and everyone else is coming…” You look out the window and see about six inches of snow on the... Read more

    Jan 11, 2022

  • Lead Mattawa Run Photo Quinton Neufeldt.jpg

    Quinton Neufeldt

    Snow, Shovels, and a Stubborn F250

    There’s a certain appeal of off-roading in the winter. The backcountry becomes a majestic white wonderland and there’s a peaceful stillness on the trail that can’t be experienced during any other time of the year. Wheeling through the wet, white... Read more

    Dec 27, 2021

  • Lead Water Crossing Photo Warn Industries.jpg

    Warn Industries

    What Lies Beneath...Off-Road Water Crossings

    Other than wheeling in extremely dry regions, water crossings are all part of off-roading. You may embrace them for all their exciting glory and bragging rights, while some of your trail-running buddies may not. Either way, crossing them on the... Read more

    Dec 12, 2021

  • Lead Wapusk 13 Wes Branson.jpg

    Wes Branson

    Not All Was Lost in The Great White North

    There’s no doubt that most overlanders have at one point looked at a map and wondered what regions are less travelled or travelled at all. One such area I learned about was Fort Severn, ON, a rural community on the coastline of Hudson Bay that’s... Read more

    Nov 29, 2021

  • 2 Foleyet Trail Run Photo Quinton Neufeldt.jpg

    Quinton Neufeldt

    Wheeling in Wild Northeastern Ontario

    As always expected, we had a few challenges leading up to a summer 4x4 adventure my father and I planned near Foleyet, ON. First, we had some last-minute scheduling havoc to figure out and since we were going pretty far into the heart of... Read more

    Nov 19, 2021


  • Lead Dunes Photo Robb Pritchard.jpg

    Robb Pritchard

    Dune Days

    Running rocks, mud, side-slopes, water-crossings, hill descents, ruts - you name it - as an enthusiastic off-roader, I've done them all. Once I even drove over a frozen lake in Russia. Short of living in the Southwestern United States where desert... Read more

    Nov 7, 2021

  • Lead Old Jeep Shakedown Photo Bryan Irons (1).jpg

    Bryan Irons

    Rusty Off-Roading

    The ubiquitous “shakedown” run is a time-honoured tradition among gearheads across North America. They could be held after completing a frame-off restoration, long-term upgrade project or even following a DIY oil change or tune-up. Whatever the... Read more

    Oct 2, 2021

  • Lead Madoc Trail Run - Photo Quinton Neufeldt.jpg

    Quinton Neufeldt

    Trail Time!

    This past spring, with a sudden hike in the temperatures and no plans on my radar due to COVID-19-related closures until Easter Sunday, it was the perfect time to plan an early-season day trip running the trails in the Hastings County area just... Read more

    Jul 15, 2021

  • Lead Kingston Trail Run Photo Wes Branson.JPG

    Wes Branson

    A One-Day Getaway on the Trails

    Off-roading is all the rage these days to enjoy the outdoors and gaining access to many types of activities. Since it has caught on within my circle of friends, we planned an adventurous, one-day ‘coterie’ north of Kingston, ON, to further hone... Read more

    Jun 23, 2021

  • Lead Trail Glory in Gravenhurst Photo Quinton Neufeldt.jpg

    Quinton Neufeldt

    Trail Glory in Gravenhurst

    The area northeast of Gravenhurst, ON, along Highway 118, is a four-wheeler’s paradise. Trails range from graded and easily-accessible roads for stock vehicles to extreme conditions for modified-rigs, which may mean getting stuck and using the... Read more

    Apr 4, 2021

  • Lead Ardberg Photo Quinton Neufeldt.jpg

    Quinton Neufeldt

    Good Vibes in North Country

    Several friends and I were excited to get out wheeling and try some of the trails in the Ardbeg region when fall was at its peak and before the frigid temps and heavy snow blanketed the region. After getting the wheels in motion – so to speak – we... Read more

    Feb 24, 2021

  • 1 Lead 4x4 Yukon Photo Kristina Wheeler.JPG

    Kristina Wheeler

    Ticket for One – North Bound

    My annual epic wheeling trip was a coin toss between the Kootenays and the Yukon.  As I had 17 days, the Yukon won with Haines Junction as my final destination with a much anticipated run along Telkwa Pass near Smithers in Northern BC... Read more

    Jan 26, 2021

  • Lead Forest Mountain Photo Quinton Neufeldt.jpg

    Quinton Neufeldt

    Hang Ups, Winching and a Busted Fuel Pump

    Bobcaygeon, ON, is a picturesque town at the narrows between Sturgeon and Pigeon lakes in the popular Kawartha region of Central Ontario. The community, which is home to the first boat lock along the famed Trent-Severn Waterway built in the 1830’s... Read more

    Dec 21, 2020

  • Pic 1 on our way.jpg

    Quinton Neufeldt

    Treasures and Trails in Northeastern Ontario

    Being already mid-August, summer was passing by fast and my camping trips were few and far between this year. As my father was interested in joining me on some adventure as well, we began planning one of the few off-roading trips of the season... Read more

    Dec 3, 2020

  • lead PIC 15.jpeg

    Brad that Wheels Morris

    Camp Crawl Challenge 2020

    This past summer, we decided to invite a pack of 13 hardcore wheelers with modified rigs for a multi-day excursion on some of Ontario’s most difficult trails. Appropriately named the Camp Crawl Challenge 2020, it was a concept that was spawned... Read more

    Nov 23, 2020

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