Through the Lens

  • My Article

    Submitting Articles

    Articles are roughly 400 to 1400 words and can include any news and events as well as some background information. You can submit your article in perfect form and grammar but it's not necessary. If you're uncomfortable with your writing style just... Read more

  • Photographer

    Submitting Photos

    Submitting photos is easy with a couple of quick tips to make your life (and ours) more organized. Read more


  • Top Half of Cover

    Shooting a Cover Shot

    A cover photo is framed differently than other photos. The reason for this is that the image isn't yet complete. We need to add the magazines title at the top and headlines for the contents down the left hand side. Read more

  • Fraser River Sturgeon

    Tips for Taking Photos

    On sunny days we often wear ball caps and sun glasses. A photo should show that we're having a good time - and that means smiling faces. Ball caps and many other hats throw a shadow over your subjects face. Sunglasses have a similar effect... Read more

Ever wondered how to submit articles and photographs to a magazine? How to shoot a photo for a cover? Get a blog on a national web site? How to get free exposure and fundraising for your club, event or business? In this blog I'll give you the tips and tricks to get the most from your SunCruiser Magazines.


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