• Lead Virginia Mathews County Photo Sun Outdoors copy.jpg

    Sun Outdoors

    Another Reason to Love Virginia

    Approximately an hour east of the I-95 from Richmond or two hours southeast of Fredericksburg, Mathews County and the county seat of the same name serve as a special destination for RVers. With a variety of rural communities, it’s home to... Read more

    Apr 12, 2024

  • Lead Riding Mountain NP Photo Stephen Gray Leisure Travel Vans.jpg

    Stephen Gray Leisure Travel Vans

    A Central Canada Wonder

    Manitoba’s Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) is a prime RV destination encompassing 3,000 sq km (1,158 sq mi) of grasslands, lakes and rich forests. It’s easily accessible and can serve as a full-on destination or stop-over while travelling... Read more

    Apr 8, 2024

  • Lead Grasslands Photo Dawn Scmidt copy.JPG

    Dawn Scmidt

    The Preserved Prairies

    When people think of Saskatchewan, the term ‘flat’ comes to mind. A lot of areas span as far as the eye can see, but visitors are sometimes surprised to learn that the province has countless lakes, forests, rolling terrain and scenic parklands... Read more

    Apr 3, 2024

  • Lead Vancouver Island Photo Larry Macdonald copy.JPG

    Larry Macdonald

    Coastal RVing on Vancouver Island

    As full-time RVers who spend our summers on Vancouver Island, my wife Sandy and I have explored the various communities. Occasionally, fellow RVers ask what are our favourite destinations and RV Parks. The Island is divided into three... Read more

    Mar 9, 2024

  • Lead US Route 101 Photo Larry McDonald copy.jpeg

    Larry McDonald

    A Canadian Snowbird’s Journey on U.S. Route 101

    As full-time RVers, we typically spend our winters snowbirding in Arizona to escape the cool and dreary weather in British Columbia. On a recent trip home from the Grand Canyon State, we decided to drive west toward Los Angeles and experience the... Read more

    Feb 24, 2024

  • Lead El Paso Photo Rick Stedman copy.JPG

    Rick Stedman

    Find New Experiences in El Paso

    The many attractions in El Paso, TX, draw more than two million visitors annually. One of the novel distinctions of this westernmost point of the Lone Star State is its convergence of Texas, New Mexico, and Old Mexico. The Spanish arrived here in... Read more

    Feb 13, 2024

  • Lead Photo Visit Jacksonville copy.jpeg


    The Active Vibe of Jacksonville

    From expansive beaches and natural attractions to art galleries, museums, and even an award-winning zoo, there’s so much to see in Jacksonville that it’s easy to spend a few days here. If you’re passing through to or from your main snowbird... Read more

    Feb 3, 2024

  • Lead Arizona Day Trips Photo Shackleford-Photography iStock copy.jpg

    Shackleford-Photography Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Diverse Day Trips from Phoenix

    At approximately 295,000 sq km (113,998 sq m), Arizona is ranked the sixth largest state in the U.S. and the capital city of Phoenix is one of the major draws all year. A dry, comfortable, warm climate through the winter makes Arizona a popular... Read more

    Jan 23, 2024

  • Lead Statesboro Photo Ralph Daniel copy.jpeg

    Ralph Daniel

    9+ Attractions to Experience in Statesboro

    Nearby to southern locales like Georgia’s Jekyll Island and Savannah, Statesboro is where Canadian snowbirds can visit for the winter or at least a few months. The area brims with charm, unique experiences, and history, ranking it as a great... Read more

    Jan 14, 2024

  • Lead Natchitoches LA Photo Natchitoches Convention and Visitors Bureau copy.jpeg

    Natchitoches Convention and Visitors Bureau

    The Old City in Cane River Country

    The brick streets of downtown Natchitoches, LA, have been welcoming visitors longer than any other Louisiana city. It’s the oldest settlement in the Pelican State and the community has taken care to preserve and honour the unique elements of its... Read more

    Jan 2, 2024

  • Lead Nevada Photo NoDerog iStock copy.jpg

    NoDerog iStock

    Find a New Nevada Experience

    Las Vegas and Reno may be the prime destinations in Nevada to visit throughout the winter but the open roads beyond their city limits lead to unique points of interest that truly define the Silver State. Destinations are abundant and serve... Read more

    Dec 20, 2023

  • Lead New Smyrna Beach Photo Javier_Art_Photography iStock copy.jpg

    Javier_Art_Photography iStock

    The Appeal of New Smyrna Beach

    The City of New Smyrna Beach’s 27 km (17 mi) sand shore draws visitors, surfers and snowbirds like a magnet every winter even though almost all surveys report it’s the most dangerous beach for shark attacks and surfing accidents.  Does that mean... Read more

    Nov 22, 2023

  • Lead Joshua Tree NP Photo Karel Stipek iStock copy.jpg

    Karel Stipek iStock

    A RVers Retreat Across Two Deserts

    With a desert landscape covering 3,237 sq km (1,250 sq mi), Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California is located between the Mojave and Colorado deserts and became a national park in 1994. It’s affectionately dubbed ‘J-Tree’ by the locals... Read more

    Nov 13, 2023

  • Lead Alabama Shoals Photo Art Meripol Alabama Department of Tourism copy.jpg

    Art Meripol Alabama Department of Tourism

    Alabama Shoals: Sights and Sounds for Snowbirds

    The northwestern Alabama cities of Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, Sheffield, and Florence are called The Shoals. Their largest claim to fame in the region is its musical heritage, but there is much more than the cool sounds of the past and present here... Read more

    Oct 25, 2023

  • Lead Fall in BC Photo hartemink iStock copy.jpg

    hartemink iStock

    Take a Fall RV Trip in Beautiful BC

    The various regions of BC are popular among RVers in the fall. Whether you want to take the BC Ferries to Vancouver Island or discover destinations on the mainland, the first thought that often comes to mind is to plan a trip in the summer as... Read more

    Oct 2, 2023

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