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Leisure Travel Vans

Leisure Travel Vans has recently added several new features to its 2021 Wonder and Unity lines, and while we thought these models were interesting before, we won’t be surprised if they become even more appealing to RVers with their added function... Read more

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Dennis Begin

At the turn of the 20th Century, Hedley was destined to become a major city.  It was located in the beautiful Similkameen River Valley, had a damned river for power, possessed prime agricultural land, and welcomed the arrival of the Great Northern... Read more


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SteelMaster Buildings

Nothing can hinder a vacation faster than a broken RV system or a mechanical breakdown at the side of the road. Hindsight is always 20/20, and ensuring a trouble-free getaway begins with a thorough inspection in the spring with continued... Read more


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Canadian Tourism Commission

The Kananaskis region is a destination that can offer days of enjoyment among some of the most scenic settings in Wild Rose Country. A testament to this is the area draws millions of visitors every year with its range of activities, accommodations... Read more


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Jason Betzing

We all enjoy hobbies and activities of some form. Most of the pastimes that my wife and I pursued when we were homeowners required a lot of "stuff." So, once we sold our home to become full-time RVers, we still had a desire to continue some of... Read more

Travel Tips

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Niagara Parks

What we find so special about the Niagara Region is the variety of attractions that make for great overnight trips, weekend getaways, or multi-day vacations. The old saying ‘if you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a thousand times’ doesn’t really... Read more


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Photo TMC

Summer is the perfect time to get away and take advantage of the great Canadian outdoors. Before the travelling season, amidst the grey days of spring, you look out your window to your RV and are reminded of enjoying peaceful hikes on beautiful... Read more

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Joe Ross

When it comes to California’s Gold Country, many think of Gold Rush history and gorgeous scenery—and the region has plenty of both. Located along the western edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the area drew thousands of gold prospectors from... Read more


Maritime RV Digital Marketplace

Maritime RV Digital Marketplace

As a way to connect RV and camping enthusiasts with RV dealers and exhibitors until the next in-person event, the Moncton and Halifax RV Shows have teamed up online. The Maritime RV Digital Marketplace will replace the in-person events usually... Read more


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Bo Gordy-Stith

Many sites at campgrounds and RV parks are far from level. While this is the inevitable part of camping, having your RV on uneven ground can result in some major headaches. To begin with, an RV that isn’t level can cause permanent damage to your... Read more