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Relion Batteries

So you're wondering which type of lithium battery will work best in your recreational vehicle? Maybe you're shopping for an RV or you’re just curious about which type and capacity of batteries will work best in your trailer or motorhome... Read more


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Timberleaf Trailers

Given their compact design, light weight, and essential-only features, teardrop trailers are a popular option among RVers. Used by many enthusiasts – from suburbanites to outdoorsmen and seasoned travelers, they provide an easy and efficient means... Read more

Reviews & Trends

Entry into Canada by air now requires all passengers five years of age or older, to have a negative COVID-19 test result. The negative laboratory test result, written or electronic, must be presented to the airline prior to coming to Canada. The... Read more


Terrasse Pierre-Dugua-De-Mons (Parc des Champs-de-Bataille)

Francis Fontaine Office du tourisme de Québec

There’s a marvel just past every street corner in the birthplace of French North America. Slip on some comfortable shoes (or boots) and follow your own path through its four centuries of history. Termed the ‘Old City,’ this is a destination to... Read more


Cruise America RV Rental

Tony Webster

As many Canadian RV snowbirds are finding new destinations to visit this winter due to non-essential cross-border restrictions, travelling south by air travel is still an option, providing a possible means to rent an RV, reserve a seasonal site or.. Read more

Travel Tips

The land border between Canada and the United States will continue to have restrictions on essential travel until at least January 21, 2021. The growing numbers in each country will likely extend the border closure well into 2021... Read more


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Jamie Skinner

Ranked as the second sunniest city in British Columbia, Kamloops makes for an ideal winter getaway to enjoy several activities under clear blue skies, providing a great escape from the gloomier weather that’s common elsewhere in the province. No... Read more


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Jason Betzing

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have been shining bright in RVs for several years now, and our fifth wheel is no exception. Increased availability, new configurations and decreased prices have made these lighting options an ideal standard, and also... Read more


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Matt Deavenport

A trip to Nevada and Las Vegas is rewarding experience for RVers. Its arid climate is the perfect substitute of the colder winds to the north, there’s a series of unique, full-service RV parks, and the entertainment and dining options are nothing... Read more


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Perry Mack

Anchor It’s an unusual year as many Snowbirds are staying home to weather a Canadian winter, often for the first time in decades. Instead of basking in the warmth of a southern sun, your RV is about to experience the long, cold, wet and often... Read more

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