Snowbirds & RV Travelers



1. Chiapas Mexcio Photo Dan Goy.JPG

Dan & Lisa Goy

There’s nothing quite like leading a caravan of RV enthusiasts through a foreign country only to enjoy beautiful landscapes, relaxing RV parks, and the anticipation of new adventure. That’s what our caravan group experienced on a recent two-week... Read more



Punk Toad

With your RV parked and stowed away, it may very well be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. However, what if this was an opportunity and what if there’s never going to be a better moment to give your RV a true ‘home’ makeover? This is your... Read more

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1 ebike rack Photo Jason Tansem.jpg

Jason Tansem

You went through the process of choosing the best eBike for your travels and now you need to find a way to transport it. As you have probably realized by now, eBikes aren’t exactly light and the foldable models require some ample room to bring on... Read more


1.  Victoria Inner Harbor Photo Dennis Begin.JPG

Dennis Begin

During my first visit to Victoria in the 70’s, between riding the double decker buses and horse drawn carriages, it felt like “Merry Olde England.” Victoria today is known as The Garden City, famous for The Butchart Botanical Gardens in Brentwood... Read more


This video is for you whether you're just starting out with a new or used RV, or an experienced RV'er trying to figure out how to trim down a mess of tools that you drag along. We look at the top tips for having the right tools in the right place... Read more


1 Golf Resort Photo Travel Alberta  Roth and Ramberg.jpg

Travel Alberta Roth and Ramberg

RVing and golfing share many similarities. They can be enjoyed no matter how far you go on a destination, there’s RV and golf facilities at every point of the compass and each provide a lot of excitement throughout the season. RVers are curious... Read more

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Lead Yellowstone Revisited Photo NPS Diane Renkin.jpg

NPS Diane Renkin

My wife and I first visited Yellowstone National Park in 1967. What we both recall was the geyser activity of Old Faithful, the Paint Pots, and a black bear that approached the car and disappeared in the viewfinder of my Kodak Instamatic Camera... Read more


Lead Picacho Peak Photo Dennis Begin.JPG

Dennis Begin

As snowbirds travel east on I-10 to Tucson, AZ, a rocky mountain with an unusual name comes into view. Appearing to be a dormant volcano, it’s really the result of a volcano flow dating back 22 million years. Just off Exit 219, there is a State... Read more


As another issue of Snowbirds and RV Travelers rolls off the press, we are happy to hear - and actually see – the highways and campgrounds being enjoyed by RVers in rigs of all sizes this summer and fall. After all, it’s a pastime that can provide... Read more


2 (LEAD) Fraserway Photo Fraserway RV.jpg

Fraserway RV

This may sound like a conundrum but renting an RV has many benefits whether you own one or not. They provide an ideal means if you want to test-drive the RV lifestyle; the perfect way to put a different class of model through its paces; and... Read more

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