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Maxing out your utility bill on strings of colourful lights and blowup yard displays may not be in the budget this year. Luckily, there are many free- to-view festive displays around the city, where you can get into the holiday spirit and perhaps... Read more


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Volta Power Systems

Lithium-ion technology and advanced energy storage options are now more prevalent than ever in tight spaces of RVs with efficient, powerful results. While the jury may still be out when they’ll drop in price compared to its 12V lead-acid... Read more



Kaj Schmidt

For my parents, finding a way to travel with two allergy-prone kids was always difficult. Tent camping was the perfect answer for a moderate budget, but didn’t work well for those with allergies in moist climates. Staying in motels meant less... Read more

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William Ennis

The copper ore bodies on Mingus Mountain turned out to be extremely profitable. The Hohokam Tribe used the ores in the area to obtain red-coloured pigment used for their blankets, clothes, and body paint. The Spanish traveled to the area seeking... Read more


A little insulation against chilly winter weather goes a long way. Make your home away from home more energy efficient with the Duck Window Kit. The kit includes 62 x 210 inches of crystal clear plastic film, plus 1/2-inch x 84 feet (1080 inches)... Read more


This small humidifier is perfect for removing damp, mould and moisture from your RV. It is lightweight, compact and portable but still capable of removing up to 500ml of moisture per day with a 1500ml water tank capacity. The Thermo-Electric... Read more


Have you finalized your holiday plans? Where will you go and what will you do? We hope that you can use this issue of Snowbirds and RV Travelers to settle on a winter escape — whether it be in a sunnier locale or somewhere closer to home, we can... Read more


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Perry and Cindy Mack

The ‘golf cart’ sped past us in a white blur as we stood by the side of the road. We heard it coming like a mariachi stadium concert on wheels. Final verification of the Doppler effect it faded soon after it had appeared. The pulmonia is one of... Read more

, Destinations

A windskirt will help keep the cold out of your RV. This RV WindSkirt is simple to install and use, durable, looks great, is easily expandable, compact, lightweight, simple to remove, fold and store. It is manufactured in 3 different colors at... Read more


One of the many reasons we decided to full time RV was to spend exclusive time together as a couple. Toasting the sunset at Valley of Fires BLM area in NM while drinking wine we purchased in WA.jpg

Jason Betzing

“How much does it cost per month to full-time RV?” I see the question pop up seemingly every week in the different RV groups I follow on social media. I get it. If you’re starting out or just considering the full-time RV lifestyle, you want to... Read more

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