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Perry Mack

We woke up to rain on vacation in Vancouver, two weeks after driving through wet conditions on Alberta’s Icefield Parkway. It was a strange mental transition from ancient glaciers to skyscrapers, although the weather was identical.  Many... Read more

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Cruise America RV Rental

Tony Webster

As many Canadian RV snowbirds are finding new destinations to visit this winter due to non-essential cross-border restrictions, travelling south by air travel is still an option, providing a possible means to rent an RV, reserve a seasonal site or.. Read more

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Elizabeth Hensley and Richard Tilford

There is always an element of surprise when visiting a new destination. Whether it’s the rugged roads near the Blue Ridge Mountains, the cobblestone streets of rural New England or the lush coastal hills of the Pacific Northwest, each region in... Read more

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Alder Bay RV Park and Marina

Choosing a Canadian destination to visit by RV is always exciting. It provides the chance to discover Canadian culture, history, and untouched nature comparable to anywhere. But choosing a snowbird destination in the winter? RVers are doing it now... Read more

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Dick Schaefer

The world of travel as we know it has changed and given the independent nature of RV travel, joining a RV caravan may be a better option than booking a cruise or flight to a vacation resort. For most RVers, traveling in a caravan is an unknown... Read more

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Jodi Raub

We have a love affair with popular highways. From Route 66 to the Loneliest Road in America, they are an iconic part of our culture. In 2019, we covered 17 U.S. States and more than 10,000 km (6,000 mi). From dusty desert routes past cattle guards... Read more

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Kal Tire

This year’s RV season has been unlike any other. In the spring, when many RV owners would have been taking care of pre-trip maintenance, changes to store access meant many RVers held off on steps such as tire inspections and fluid checks. Then, as... Read more

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Jason Betzing

I awoke abruptly as the common noise of various motors and fans fell dead silent in our RV. Stepping outside into the cool night air, it was still and quiet. I confirmed that power was down everywhere, and not just at our site. By morning, a... Read more

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Punk Toad

With your RV parked and stowed away, it may very well be a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. However, what if this was an opportunity and what if there’s never going to be a better moment to give your RV a true ‘home’ makeover? This is your... Read more

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1 Golf Resort Photo Travel Alberta  Roth and Ramberg.jpg

Travel Alberta Roth and Ramberg

RVing and golfing share many similarities. They can be enjoyed no matter how far you go on a destination, there’s RV and golf facilities at every point of the compass and each provide a lot of excitement throughout the season. RVers are curious... Read more

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Heading out on an RV Voyage soon? Here's a quick check-list of pre-trip planning details that should not be overlooked.