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Canada USA Border

Image by chapay from Pixabay

With cooling temps and shorter days - Autumn is the perfect time to plan a getaway. Snowbirds are beginning to flock south and that means traveling between Canada and the United States. These two countries maintain a close relationship as they... Read more

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Selling it All-9029 copy.jpg

Jason Betzing

Perhaps the most daunting, least fun of all the tasks when we were preparing to Full Time RV was getting rid of almost everything we owned. Liquidating the stuff we had accumulated over our 40 some years was no small task. Being pretty stoic, I... Read more

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New vs used RV

Deciding to buy a new or pre-owned RV is an age-old contemplation among enthusiasts. While it can be exciting shopping for any RV, there are certain advantages and slight disadvantages of buying new over pre-owned RVs and vice versa. However, by... Read more

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The evenings are starting to cool down and there's nothing better than curling up with your loved ones beside a campfire under the open sky. Camping season is not even close to being over, so continue to enjoy nature while keeping safe and... Read more

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Travel insurance is as important as medication. Both protect you from what could be a catastrophe. Medication protects your health and travel insurance protects your bank account. An out-of-country claim could cost you tens of thousands of dollars... Read more

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

How do I save money and spend less while traveling in an RV? It's a common question asked by anyone who's ever experienced an over-budget vacation that resulted in more stress rather than enjoyment and relaxation. Luckily with some proactive... Read more

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Fishing Backlit Beach

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

If you're going to spend the last days of summer with your loved ones, you might as well bring them along for a fishing trip. Sure, not many young people today enjoy this timeless pastime, but it's still a great way to bond as a family... Read more

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Very few people are aware of this, but there are a lot of RV travelers that do it solo. In fact, solo RVing is actually a popular trend among RV enthusiasts. Now before you jump onto the bandwagon, here are a few things that you need to do in... Read more

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Image by anurag kaushik from Pixabay

When you have a young family, choosing the perfect destination and type of vacation can be a challenge. Naturally, you want something that the adults can enjoy but there also has to be plenty to keep the kids entertained and happy. It can be... Read more

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Springtime flowers

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Springtime is finally here, with longer and warmer days signalling an end to hibernation. Before you rush getting your RV on the road, it's recommended that you properly de-winterize it for warmer weather.  Opting to de-winterize on your own... Read more

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Heading out on an RV Voyage soon? Here's a quick check-list of pre-trip planning details that should not be overlooked.