Travel Tips

  • Lead SRT Social Fuel Savings Photo Steve Fennell copy.jpg

    Steve Fennell

    Save Fuel on the Road this Summer

    Despite experiencing some of the highest fuel prices in Canada, travellers in British Columbia still plan to take road trips this summer but with adjusted best practices, according to a recent survey by the British Columbia Automobile Association... Read more

    Jun 24, 2022

  • Lead Waste Tanks Photo Cass Tippit  Dreamstimecom copy.jpg

    Cass Tippit

    Avoid Waste Tank Headaches

    We like to think that RV ownership consists of 85 percent enjoyment and 15 percent maintenance for any particular motorhome or trailer. However, it’s when you ignore the 15 percent that the headaches set in, and it’s usually when you least expect... Read more

    Jun 12, 2022

  • Lead Camping with Kids Photo Juliane Liebermann copy.jpg

    Juliane Liebermann

    Tips for RVing with Kids

    Spending time outdoors with your kids is an excellent way to create memories that will last a lifetime. However, without careful planning, it can be a stressful experience and listed below are a few tips to help provide smooth, rewarding camping... Read more

    May 24, 2022

  • Lead Tire Blowouts Photo Andrey Popov  dreamstimecom.jpg

    Andrey Popov dreamstimecom

    How to Avoid Tire Blowouts

    There’s always the chance of a glitch or two to deal with while on the road whether it’s a system malfunctioning, broken component or damaged gear. The one problem, however, that can stop your RV in its tracks is a blown tire, regardless of where... Read more

    Apr 28, 2022

  • Lead Smart RVing Photo Alex Guillaume unsplash.jpg

    Alex Guillaume unsplash

    Why Pre-Season Planning is so Important

    This time of year is always exciting. It’s when you get the chance to de-winterize your RV and start preparing for the new camping season. You have made all of your campground reservations, planned a few trips with friends, and even saved a few... Read more

    Apr 13, 2022

  • Lead Explorer RV Wayfarer Spring Tasks Photo Welcomia  Dreamstimecom.jpg

    Welcomia Dreamstimecom

    Are you Ready for the Road?

    Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to take your RV out of storage and start completing many of the maintenance tasks to ensure it’s in perfect shape for the first of many trips. While it’s pertinent to make certain that all systems are... Read more

    Apr 4, 2022

  • Lead Avoid Wildlife Photo Destination BC JF Bergeron.jpg

    Destination BC JF Bergeron

    Stay Safe in Wildlife Country

    Outdoor recreation has boomed in popularity in the last number of years, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic, resulting in measurable impacts on ecosystems such as trail erosion, the spread of invasive species, displaced wildlife, as well as... Read more

    Mar 26, 2022

  • Lead Fulltime highs Photo Perry Mack.jpg

    Perry Mack

    Full-time Highs (and Lows)

    We recently hit the two-month mark living full-time in our Montana High Country 305RL and Outdoors RV Black Rock 22RKS. Due to Covid related issues, our new home wasn’t finished but our existing home had sold! With winter closing in, we found... Read more

    Mar 13, 2022

  • Lead Photo Arches National Park.jpg

    Arches National Park

    Campgrounds: To Stay or Not to Stay?

    Last year,  my wife and I were travelling just outside of Tucson, AZ. We pulled into what was supposed to be a highly-rated campground for the night. When we arrived, the office had a sign in bold letters warning us the water had high Nitrate... Read more

    Feb 9, 2022

  • Lead Photo Edna Winti.jpg

    Edna Winti

    Best Practices for Travelling with Propane

    Propane is a great source for powering appliances like fridges, ovens, stoves, or furnaces in trailers, fifth wheels or motorhomes. It's commonly used by RVers as it’s less expensive than gas, widely available, and environmentally friendly... Read more

    Jan 8, 2022

  • Lead Driver Fatigue Photo Oscar Nilsson Unsplash.jpg

    How to Beat Driver Fatigue

    We often claim that getting to a destination is always half the fun, and it is, but we also like to stress the importance of highway safety and taking preventative action against driver fatigue when behind the wheel is just one other measure to be... Read more

    Nov 22, 2021

  • Lead Explorer RV Club Photo Sieg and Sue Standke.JPG

    Sieg and Sue Standke

    Membership has its Privileges

    With travel restrictions due to COVID-19 gradually easing, many Canadians are raring to get up and go just about anywhere. RVing is an accepted and safer option to explore new areas of the country, a fact that people have realized more and more... Read more

    Oct 10, 2021

  • Lead Camping Tips Destination BC Tom Ryan.jpeg

    Destination BC Tom Ryan

    Six Safe Camping Tips and Best Environmental Practises

    According to the travel planning website for camping enthusiasts - - a record number of first-time RVers and snowbirds are continuing to hit the road to further experience the great outdoors. The vast influx of enthusiasts... Read more

    Sep 21, 2021

  • Lead Smart RVing Fall Camping Photo Mott Rodeheaver unsplash.jpg

    Mott Rodeheaver unsplash

    The Joys of Fall Camping

    Camping in the fall is my favourite time to go RVing.  I love the fall colours, cool air and sitting by an evening campfire with a warm cider. This is the time of year that provides so many wonderful trips and allows families to enjoy more time... Read more

    Sep 9, 2021

  • Medical Insurance Photo National Cancer Institute Unsplash.jpg

    National Cancer Institute Unsplash

    COVID Medical Coverage and more for Snowbirds

    There’s no doubt that when RVers are considering medical insurance for the 2021/2022 snowbird season, thoughts of COVID-19 coverage still come to mind. As the rate of preventative vaccinations is increasing with provincial restrictions and... Read more

    Aug 28, 2021

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Latest RV Park Features

  • Lead Holiday Trails Winter Photo Bureau of Land Menegement Oregon and Washington Joel Brumm.jpg

    Joel Brumm

    Got RV? Still Travel

    By now, Canadian travelers are adopting new ways of getting outdoors, spending quality time away from home offices and the confines of the indoors. With the warm, summer months almost a memory and cooler temps prevailing, avid travelers are now... Read more

  • 1 HTR Photo Holiday Trails RV Resorts.jpg

    Holiday Trails RV Resorts

    Take it Outside at Holiday Trails RV Resorts

    While there are numerous destinations for RVers to visit throughout North America, life on the road can’t get much better when you discover an amenity-rich RV park at a location with so many opportunities to take in Mother Nature's offerings. You... Read more

  • Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 10.29.16 AM.png

    Treehouse Communities

    Find Your Community

    Finding a good community to park your RV, spend your winter, or even retire in, is as important as the roof over your head. Treehouse Communities makes finding a place where you feel welcomed and supported so much easier. They are all about... Read more

  • Newport_Beach_boat_parade_fortherock.jpg


    Four Great Holiday Destinations

    Winter may be right around the corner, but that doesn't mean that the RV season is necessarily over. For an increasing number of RVers, December and January have become the perfect time to head out of town. Even though winter road conditions... Read more

  • Aerial of Fall Colours

    Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

    The Best September 2019 Camping

    Wake up on the shores of pristine lakes or to panoramic canyon views. Plan your getaway this September with the best places to camp across the U.S. and Canada. Campendium provides recommendations, reviews and advice from fellow RVers. Read more