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SC WC 2019

SunCruiser West Coast 2019 is Available Now!

As we once again bring you all the greatest destinations and exciting attractions of the British Columbia Coast and the expansive Pacific Northwest, these regions consist of all the natural beauty they encompassed when our first issue rolled off...

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2 Clean Marine BC Photo Michelle Young.jpg

Michelle Young

By partnering with boating facilities and recreational boaters, Georgia Strait Alliance is expanding the effectiveness of its marine conservation efforts as it works to continuously works to protect BC’s waterways. Read more

West Coast

1 Nanaimo Photo Arrowsmith Media.jpg

Arrowsmith Media

It’s been said that Nanaimo is blessed with good fortune with its ideal island location, beautiful protected harbour, and all the natural ingredients of a preferred destination surrounded by a popular central region. As Nanaimo continues to evolve... Read more

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Lead Cortes Island Photo Djun Kim.jpg

Djun Kim

Visiting Cortes Island by boat is the quintessential summer destination. It’s located at the northern end of The Strait of Georgia amongst The Discovery Islands, nearby to Campbell River. Once you plot your course and are under power from... Read more

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2 WSG Photo Washington Sea Grant.JPG

Washington Sea Grant

Following a productive 2019 boating season, Washington Sea Grant (WSG) is continuing its mandate of promoting the Pumpout Washington and Small Oil Spill Pollution Prevention programs to recreational boaters, marine operators and industry members... Read more

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1 Blaine Photo JMV.jpg


Even though it has a population of just a little more than 5,000, Blaine, Washington is big on attractions and activity for recreational boaters. Situated at the US/Canada border, this community on the Salish Sea serves up an array of activity –... Read more

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