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    Is Your Slide-Out Working?

    We have addressed RV slide-out systems in previous Smart RVing columns. However, with frequent use and moving parts, it’s important to understand how the electrical and mechanical components function and what to look for when they malfunction... Read more

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    5 Easy DIY Upgrades for Class A Coaches

    When we hit the road full-time in 2018, the only RV we’ve ever lived and travelled in was a Winnebago Navion Class C. Before our upgrade to a larger model, we did our research, asking a lot of questions about the Class A life. How’s the steering?... Read more

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    How to Avoid Expensive RV Repairs

    When buying a new RV, it’s easy to overlook the required routine maintenance of modern components and systems. In reality, it’s one of the key factors to prevent them from malfunctioning and most importantly, paying a large bill to get them fixed... Read more

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    Perry Mack

    Bluetti EB3A

    Harnessing the power of the sun is currently an inescapable topic in the news. From battery powered  vehicles to solar systems for your home. On a smaller, and more affordable scale, are solar systems that allow us to enjoy essential devices while... Read more

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    BougeRV Yuma CIGS Solar Panel 200W

    It will probably not come as a surprise to you, that our world is in fact, round. And much of what we use to enjoy the world is curved, not flat. Which is why a flexible solar panel makes a great deal of sense. The folks at BougeRV have developed... Read more

  • RV SnapPad Introduces ‘SnapJack’ Pad for Scissor Jacks

    Today, the makers of RV SnapPad (Origen RV Accessories LTD) have announced the launch of its proprietary scissor jack conversion kit for travel trailers and other towables. Read more

    Mar 3, 2023

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    Perry Mack

    BougeRV Flash 300 Power Station

    It arrived on a cold, grey, damp day in early February. We watched the FedEx truck bump up our frozen farm driveway. This occurrence is often the highlight of our day (or week) since we haven’t been able to escape the Canadian winter this year... Read more

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    Winnebago Industries ERA

    Do You Need Multi-Function Headlights?

    Who can resist the opportunity to see the future?   When it comes to vehicle design, automotive engineers and designers are pushing the envelope of what’s possible on every front, including lighting packages. The future of on-vehicle lighting is... Read more

    Feb 13, 2023

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    How to Choose a Solar Charging System

    We live in a world of solar energy and advancements in technology over the last few decades now allow us to harness and effectively use portable, clean and free power on- and off the grid. Solar panels are an exceptional accessory to your battery... Read more

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    Network RV

    Beat the Heat with Less Power

    In May 2021, we climbed onto the roof and installed a SoftStartRV (SSRV) into our Black Rock 22RKS travel trailer. The installation went fairly smoothly by following the instructions but the only challenge was finding a place in the A/C unit for... Read more

    Dec 7, 2022

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    Perry Mack

    New Complete RV Winterizing

    We feel this is the most complete winterizing article that we’ve put together with updated information for 2022/2023 and RV innovations designed in the last five or six years. Properly storing your motorhome or trailer for the winter doesn’t take... Read more

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    Perry Mack

    Too Much Tongue Weight? Here’s What Can Happen

    Tires and brakes are an integral part of controlling your rig as they restrain the combined weight of your tow vehicle, trailer, and load. Both perform effortlessly in demanding conditions, inclement weather, and up and down steep grades for long... Read more

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    How to Choose RV Tires

    We had stopped to help a motorcyclist when the pick-up truck towing a double-axle travel trailer went by with one flat tire on the passenger side. We assumed they would pull over to change it but as they kept going the RVers seemed oblivious to it... Read more

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    Smart RVing - Five Great Apps to Use on the Road

    In the digital world, there isn’t a shortage of apps. You can find one that can assist you with just about any pastime, and RVing is no exception. The trick, however, is finding and using one that ideally suits your lifestyle on the road... Read more

    Jun 21, 2022

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    Easier Than Ever Air Conditioning

    As summer heats up it’s worth reminding everyone who doesn’t have an RV A/C Soft Start that this is a great time to get one. We installed ours in 2021 and were instantly relieved with cool air while running on a 15-amp household circuit. The A/C... Read more

    Jun 15, 2022

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