Road of Life

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    Perry Mack

    NextGen Guide to Car Collecting

    This book was a real page turner for me. It is car collecting for the enthusiast rather than the speculator, and for the average enthusiast not the billionaire collector. It’s perfect for those considering collecting cars and those who are already... Read more

    Nov 15, 2022

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    Perry Mack

    Hot Rod Magazine Hard Cover Book - 75 Years

    For the hot rod enthusiast, especially fans of Hot Rod Magazine, this is the essential ‘coffee table’ book to share with friends, or put in your waiting room to entertain clients, if you trust them not to walk away with it. Read more

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    Tom Severin

    COVID-19 Won’t Conquer Us

    To say these are unprecedented times would be an understatement. Time to look on the bright side Read more

    Apr 15, 2020

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    Dave Bezaire

    Snowbirds volunteer with Habitat for Humanity

    For 27 years, Gerry and Carolyn Keener have traveled across the U.S. and around the world building homes as Habitat for Humanity volunteers. These days, Gerry Keener leads a team ... Read more

    Feb 1, 2017

  • Getting Too Old?

    Cindy Mack

    Getting Too Old?

    It's an excuse I’m tired of hearing. We’re not ‘too old’ to do anything. Perhaps too lazy, too out of shape, too scared, done it too many times already or just aren’t interested, but not ‘too old’. ... Read more

    Sep 20, 2016


  • Crisis, what crisis?

    Crisis, what crisis?

    “You bought a ‘donor’cycle?” Yes, Doc Dave, I bought a ‘motor’cycle. He’s not surprised. We’ve been friends for twenty years, ever since we met at Big White Ski Resort where he was ... Read more

    Nov 30, 2015


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    Living the Dream

    Living the RV Dream (And getting paid for it)

    The truth is what it sounds like is actually pretty close to the truth, and thousands of Canadians and Americans who have originated from the cold Midwestern and Eastern states are doing just that right now and are enjoying their “retirements”... Read more

    Jul 29, 2015

  • Vancouver Sun Run

    GoToVan photo

    Run? From Who?

    I am not a runner. In 54 years of stumbling across the planet, I’ve run from a momma black bear on the trail with two cubs, and to the concession for a cold beer between periods ... Read more

    Jul 6, 2015

  • Road of Life

    Getting Younger

    There are a couple of things that seem to happen as you enter the second fifty years of your life. For a guy, more hair grows on your head – from everywhere but your scalp, and your spouse looks at you ... Read more

    May 15, 2015

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    Gary Stanton at the American Crystal Sugar beet delivery site in Oslo, Mn. where Stanton works as a temporary supervisor during the harvest. Here he stands next to a very small section of beats at the Oslo site. Photo: David Denney

    More Retirees are Adopting Workamper Lifestyle

    Dusk settled over the campground by the Red River, and inside her spacious motorhome, 64-year-old Theresa Delikat was just waking up. As reported by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, it was time... Read more

    Oct 29, 2014

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    Top 6 Mistakes when moving in retirement

    When Dave Robb, 57, sold his half of his business in favour of an early retirement, he and his wife had some important decisions to make. At the top of their list was pursuing their passion for skiing, so they decided to leave their home in... Read more

  • Hit The Trail After 55

    Dennis Snow

    Hit the Trail after 55

    Four wheeling is often looked at as a young man’s game. The perception is that you use a 4WD for hard core rock crawling, heart pumping, sweaty palm adrenaline charged terrain... Read more

    Mar 12, 2014

  • Baby Boomers Likely to Delay Retirement

    Baby Boomers Likely to Delay Retirement

    Nearly half of baby boomers who are in the workforce today say they don’t expect to retire until they're 66 or older, and one in 10 think they’ll never stop working, according to a new poll. Read more

    Jan 21, 2014

  • What Canada’s Snowbirds Need to Know about U.S. Taxes

    With the weather getting colder, now’s the time for Canadian snowbirds to start preparing to head south of the border for the winter. They need to bring with them a keen awareness of all the potential tax hits they might face. Read more

    Dec 30, 2013

  • Hoping to be a Snowbird

    Hoping to be a Snowbird in Retirement?

    If your retirement dream is to head south for the winter, here’s what you need to know before you go. Whether it’s for a short winter break or to spend the entire season away from the snow, the southern U.S. has always ... Read more

    Oct 1, 2013

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Retirement can be a huge life-changing experience, sometimes called your 'Second Life'. Getting ready to make your hobby a full-time experience requires preparation and advice. And it doesn't stop once you're in it. The Road of Life series provides valuable insight into getting to retirement faster and enjoying it more once you are there.


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