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    Photo TMC

    How to Choose the Best RV Mattress

    Summer is the perfect time to get away and take advantage of the great Canadian outdoors. Before the travelling season, amidst the grey days of spring, you look out your window to your RV and are reminded of enjoying peaceful hikes on beautiful... Read more

    Apr 12, 2021


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    Brandmotion LLC

    Two Tools to Tow

    Rear view cameras are used for all types of applications these days. While the concept is not new to the RV or automotive industries, the innovative features in aftermarket systems may surprise you. Brandmotion recently introduced its FullVUE Rear... Read more

    Feb 9, 2021

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    Jason Betzing

    An Enlightening DIY Experience

    Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have been shining bright in RVs for several years now, and our fifth wheel is no exception. Increased availability, new configurations and decreased prices have made these lighting options an ideal standard, and also... Read more

    Dec 26, 2020

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    Perry Mack

    Top RV Storage Options

    Anchor It’s an unusual year as many Snowbirds are staying home to weather a Canadian winter, often for the first time in decades. Instead of basking in the warmth of a southern sun, your RV is about to experience the long, cold, wet and often... Read more

    Dec 18, 2020


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    Perry Mack

    Create the Essential RV Tool Kit

    Self-sufficiency is a core tenet of RVing. Afterall, your rig is an independent, travelling home-on-wheels free from the constraints of basements and property taxes. Your survival in the wild, or a stress-free day in the park, could come down to... Read more

    Dec 11, 2020

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    Network RV

    Smart Power

    If you’re like us, we love the fresh breezes coming off the water or a mild cool front with a slight wind blowing through the RV day and night. However, those inevitable hot days of 38° C or more are the key reasons for having an A/C unit, and... Read more

    Nov 22, 2020

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    Jason Tansem

    How to Choose: The Best eBike Rack

    You went through the process of choosing the best eBike for your travels and now you need to find a way to transport it. As you have probably realized by now, eBikes aren’t exactly light and the foldable models require some ample room to bring on... Read more

    Sep 23, 2020

  • RV Tool Kit - the Complete Guide of What You Need and What You Don't

    This video is for you whether you're just starting out with a new or used RV, or an experienced RV'er trying to figure out how to trim down a mess of tools that you drag along. We look at the top tips for having the right tools in the right place... Read more

    Sep 21, 2020

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    Jason Tansem

    Do you really need a car?

    A key factor in choosing an RV is how will you explore your destination when you arrive? Motorhomes offer a very comfortable journey, but you often require a vehicle once you’ve settled at your site, which means a tow package, tow-vehicle, and... Read more

    Aug 25, 2020

  • 1 Everything you need to install your Drive reach photo Perry Mack.JPG

    Perry Mack

    weBoost Drive Reach

    Our mobile devices become more valuable to us every day through the apps that entertain, engage, and inform us. All of these are especially important to us as RVers as we most definitely 'cut the cord' by living and exploring on the road. Apps... Read more

    Jul 21, 2020

  • Dometic DMC4101


    Dometic 12V Refrigerator Now Available to Aftermarket

    Dometic enters the 12V compressor RV market with a newly designed residential style refrigerator, the DMC4101. Read more

    May 6, 2020

  • Premium RV Slide-Out Lubricating Fluid

    Premium RV Slide-Out Lubricating Fluid

    Star brite’s line of recreational vehicle care products is engineered to clean, maintain, protect, and enhance the appearance and value of RVs and travel trailers. All of the Premium RV products are formulated utilizing the company’s 45 years of... Read more

    Mar 10, 2020

  • 303 Aerospace Protectant

    303 Aerospace Protectant

    Originally engineered for aerospace and aviation applications, 303 Aerospace Protectant has found its way into millions of homes for day-to-day use on vehicles, sports equipment and more. Unlike many protectants that leave greasy residues... Read more

    Mar 4, 2020

  • Coleman Camping First Aid Kit

    Coleman Camping First Aid Kit

    The Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit is the ultimate all purpose first aid kit for larger groups or outdoor adventures. This 205 piece kit features components needed in the field, including various standard and specialty bandages, first aid tape... Read more

    Feb 24, 2020

  • RV Roof Cleaner and Protectant

    RV Roof Cleaner and Protectant

    Bio-Kleen RV Roof Cleaner and Protectant removes black streaks, oxidation, and general build-up from your RV rubber roof. It is safe for EPDM, TPO, and most RV roof surfaces. The product maximizes the life of RV rubber roods by cleaning and... Read more

    Feb 18, 2020

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