SCOK 2020

SunCruiser Okanagan 2020 is Available Now!

What makes SunCruiser Okanagan Magazine so unique to recreational boaters is its all-encompassing focus on our three favourite phrases of the area: visit, discover and explore. Okanagan Lake and the surrounding bodies of fresh water in the region...

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The Vernon Yacht Club (VYC) all began with a founding member base of just 30 individuals in order to receive its charter as a society in 1953. As of March 1, 2020, membership peaked to an impressive 445, encompassing both power and sail boaters... Read more


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tourismkelowna.com - Nic Collar Film

Many rural towns and cities have a grand resort with an eclectic mix of accommodations, amenities and dining options, which reflect a long-standing history with a modern flair. Some are tucked away amongst rolling hills while others are sprawled... Read more


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Tourismkelowna.com - Chris Lewis

Summer is always an ideal time to visit the Tri-Lakes region. But if a busy schedule or alternate plans mean you have to arrange a trip earlier in the spring or later in fall, don’t despair. The Okanagan is always full of surprises no matter when... Read more


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Scott McDade

Like many bodies of water across North America, both expansive and secluded, Okanagan Lake has an array of mooring buoys at many destination points, providing the utmost convenience and scenic anchorages for recreational boaters... Read more


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Downtown Marina Kelowna

Kelowna’s waterfront is a hub of activity and one of the central points on Okanagan Lake. Downtown Marina Kelowna, as its name applies, is located right in the heart of the waterfront, and it’s pretty hard to miss – from the land or water. Dozens... Read more