• Lead Hammerhead Bumper Photo Quiton Neufeldt.jpg

    Quiton Neufeldt

    Doubling-Up on Off-Road Protection

    Pickup trucks complete a variety of duties -  be it work or play. Our Project 99 Super Duty is no different. We use it to tow, haul, plow snow, and other work-related tasks for our contracting business. We also use it for off-road trips whenever... Read more

    Sep 16, 2021

  • Lead Balmer Bumper Fab photo Kolyn Radbourne.jpg

    Kolyn Radbourne

    No Xterra Parts? No Problem

    When it comes to late-model 4x4s, we all know they may not be as tough as their forefathers. Let's face it, neither are we.  But we still crave adventure and modifying an older off-road vehicle is always an option to add more function, strength... Read more

    Aug 2, 2021

  • Lead Replacing Axle Seals Photo Peter Boyer.jpg

    Peter Boyer

    Install: Replacing Rear Axle Seals

    Rear axle seal failures are not uncommon on Jeep Wranglers. But, with the severe use that the seal encounters in a 4X4 rig, and its minimal design, it’s surprising that it doesn’t fail more often. This repair is fairly straightforward, as we shall... Read more

    Jul 24, 2021

  • Lead 1 20 buck light mount photo Perry Mack.jpg

    Perry Mack

    Fab Your Own Light Mount for $20!

    We often get lights to review but occasionally they don’t mount easily on our existing vehicles. Many lighting companies are not light ‘mount’ companies, due to the diversity of vehicles and the accompanying mounting options. We received some... Read more

    Jun 8, 2021

  • Lead 2011 Project Jeep JK Photo Peter Boyer.jpg

    Peter Boyer

    Suspension Swap for a 2011 Project Jeep

    It’s widely known that Jeep manufactured approximately 2.1 million Wrangler JKs from 2006 to 2018, making it one of the most popular Jeep models of all time. The vast aftermarket of parts and accessories for the JK is only exceeded by the... Read more

    May 27, 2021

  • Lead Wilwood Install Photo Bryan Irons.JPG

    Bryan Irons

    Ramp-Up Your 4X4 Parking Brakes

    Short of breaking into a ‘back in my day’ monologue, a time existed when the criteria I needed to deem a vehicle safe and reliable could have been written on a single post-it note – in large letters with a thick-tipped Sharpie... Read more

    May 3, 2021

  • 1.JPG

    Bryan Irons

    Install: Trutrac Axle Swap

    No true off roader has gone for a trip in a newly acquired vehicle and proclaimed, “Perfect, I’m not going to change a thing.” Those people are what grizzled, dirt-eating wheelers term “quitters.” We’re always looking for ways to enhance... Read more

    Nov 9, 2020

  • 1 Lifeblood photo Bryan Irons.JPG

    Bryan Irons

    Good Lubrication for Great Engine Performance and a Long Life

    Despite what some may think, many of the lubricants used in your vehicle perform important functions other than just “keeping things slippery.” Engine oil has to be one of the most abused fluids in your vehicle short of the half-sack of Bud Light... Read more

    Oct 12, 2020

  • 1 SYE Tips photo Bryan Irons.jpg

    Bryan Irons

    How To: Install a Slip Yoke Eliminator

    You have to be a special kind of nerdy to get giggly over part number deciphering and acronyms. I’m not talking about the “Wut R U Doing?” texts I get from my daughter, that’s a whole other language. No, I’m talking about the day-to-day codes and... Read more

    Oct 2, 2020

  • 1 TH350 photo Bryan Irons.JPG

    Bryan Irons

    Converting a Transmission from 2WD to 4WD

    Every time we go to find a component for a 4x4 in our stables, we strive to select parts that don’t carry monikers like “rare” or “obscure”. General Motors had a 15-year production run starting in 1969, the with the Turbo Hydromatic 350, or TH350... Read more

    Sep 9, 2020

  • Lead Stuck Wheel Bearing Photo Neufeldt.jpg

    Quinton Neufeldt

    Change Your Front Wheel Bearings like a Pro

    The clean up after running the trails can be a challenge and a lot of times the parts that really need cleaning can’t be seen. Wheel bearing deterioration commonly occurs from frequent wear and tear – especially on older vehicles – as water, grit... Read more

    Aug 7, 2020

  • 1 Wilwood Brakes photo Bryan Irons.jpg

    Bryan Irons

    Install: Finding the Right Stopping Power

    You may remember our article “44 for Life” Dana 44 (4WD June 2018) that we built for the back end of our Stinky Jeep. We took everything we had and threw it at a pedestrian Dana 44 rear axle and ended up with a bantam-weight trail beast with parts... Read more

    Jul 7, 2020

  • Lead Electrical Gremlins.jpg-2.jpg

    Bryan Irons

    How to Bypass Electrical Hiccups

    Many off-roaders have had their vehicle break down at one point or another, whether on a trail, on a highway or just down the street from their home. Not everyone has days on end to repair these automotive SNAFU’s. And if the problem is an... Read more

    Jun 4, 2020

  • Lead Fender Liner.jpg

    Brad Morris

    Fender Liner Fix

    Late in the wheeling season, the 40” Coopers on our Punk’n JL were beginning to rub, and in all the wrong places. After a closer inspection, we realized higher clearance inner-fender liners would be just the trick to help us better clear our big... Read more

    Feb 25, 2020

  • 5.9L Dodge Magnum Engine Teardown

    How to tear down a junkyard engine and see what parts can be salvaged for the rebuild. Ours is a 1998 5.9L Dodge Magnum engine which, once rebuilt, will drop into a '99 Dodge Dakota replacing the existing 5.2L. Throughout the tear down we do a... Read more

    Feb 15, 2020

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