• Lead EB70S copy.JPG

    Perry Mack

    Put the Amp in Camp

    We previously tested a couple of 600W rated power stations (including the 268 Wh Bluetti (pronounced BlueTee) EB3A - and were amazed at the number of devices we could run and charge... Read more

    Jul 12, 2023

  • 1 Adventure ready Napier Sportz Truck Tent  It was 37°C under clear skies so we didn't set-up the 1200mm rainfly copy.jpg

    Perry Mack

    Ready for Rough Sites and Inclement Weather

    If you’ve never seen one, a truck tent is exactly what it sounds like, a tent you set-up in your truck. Like the old commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - you got peanut butter in my chocolate! In this case it’s a tent in your truck. Let’s... Read more

    Jul 10, 2023

  • Untitled design - 1

    Don't Get Ripped Off - Facts You Need About Off-road Lights

    We are here to talk about off-road lighting. Anybody that's had an older vehicle, like my Jeep from 2015, with incandescent lights in it, an Easy Bake Oven is a brighter light. It was horrible until I started to change things out. Today, we've got... Read more

  • BOLT Lock Product Line.jpg

    BOLT Lock

    Give the Gift of Security and Convenience this Father's Day

    Discover the perfect gift for those who prioritize both security and convenience. With BOLT Locks' patented, "Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology," you can expect hassle-free protection for trailers, hitches, boats, generators, kayaks, and beyond... Read more

    Jun 1, 2023

  • 385 Ford Bronco Console Safe Side Open View.jpg

    Tuffy Security Products

    Tuffy Security Products Introduces Heavy-Duty Storage Options for New Ford Broncos

    Tuffy Security Products is offering a range of secure storage choices for the 2021-2023 Ford Bronco, including a Center Console Safe, Tailgate Table for both 4-door and 2-door models, a Cargo Drawer solely for 4-door Bronco models, a Security... Read more

    Feb 25, 2023

  • Cummins 5.9 12v (3) copy.jpeg

    Speed of Air Engine Technologies

    Speed of Air’s Breakthrough Piston Technology

    Speed of Air® Engine Technologies has patented technology to enhance the efficiency of medium-duty Cummins®, Powerstroke® and Duramax® engines. The Hyperformance Pistons™ with patented piston treatment result in increased torque, horsepower,... Read more

    Feb 7, 2023

  • SSV Works Ford Bronco rear speaker pods - installed.jpg

    SSV Works®

    SSV Works Announces New Rear Speaker Pods for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    SSV Works, the premier provider of powersports and off-road audio systems, is excited to announce the availability of its new plug-and-play 6.5-inch rear speaker-pod add-ons for 2021+ Ford Broncos. The patent-pending system can be purchased loaded... Read more

    Dec 22, 2022

  • Lead Jtop Photo Peter Boyer copy.jpg

    Peter Boyer

    High-Performance UV Protection

    When the time comes to take the top off your Jeep why would you then install a sunshade to cover it up? It seems counterintuitive but given the high UV indexes that are reported across the country during the summer, many Canadians are conscious... Read more

    Aug 10, 2022

  • Lead Off Road Fuel Savings Fuel Photo onX Offroad- copy.jpg

    onX Offroad

    Off-Roading Fuel Saving Tips

    With gas prices showing no indication of dropping any time soon and offroaders cringing at nearly $2-plus per litre in some parts of the country, there’s little doubt that wheeling enthusiasts won’t be feeling the pinch at the pumps. Whether or... Read more

    Jul 22, 2022

  • Lead Exterior Off-Road Gear Photo Blake Carpenter copy.jpg

    Blake Carpenter

    Top MidSeason Gear

    If you’re restoring or own a classic Jeep CJ (55’-86’) and want to ramp up its exterior profile for more protection, the available Fender Flare Kits from OMIX are designed to meet or exceed OE standards and constructed of durable, UV-treated... Read more

    Jul 10, 2022

  • BaseCamp4 by SkyeTent - Unbox & Review

    Our BaseCamp4 roof top tent (RTT) by SkyeTent was lost by the shipping company. When the delivery truck finally dropped it off 10 days late, the box looked like it had been dragged around the world and drop-kicked on every continent... Read more

    Jul 7, 2022

  • Lead BaseCamp4 Photo Perry Mack copy.jpg

    Perry Mack

    Quality Off-Road Comfort

    We eagerly awaited the arrival of our new roof top tent (RTT). Four days turned into 14 after the shipping company misplaced it somewhere along the way. When the delivery truck finally dropped it off, the box it was in looked like it had been... Read more

    Jun 21, 2022


  • Lead Volthium Photo Alain Gagnon copy.jpg

    Alain Gagnon

    Testing the Long-Life of Lithium

    Most overlanders I’ve met always ask me what kind of secondary power system I use for my fridge and other 12V accessories in my off-road trailer. Up until recently, my answer was always ‘my dual AGM Odyssey batteries with a 4000 W power inverter... Read more

    Jun 20, 2022

  • Lead 4Runner Photo Peter Boyer copy.jpg

    Peter Boyer

    Top Ways to Trick Out Your 4Runner

    Based on the early Toyota Hilux platform, the 4Runner is a proven, capable, body-on-frame 4X4 that has evolved through five generations, has a strong following and is considered one of the most reliable off roaders for the trails and backcountry... Read more

    May 31, 2022

  • Lead Frame Care Photo Courtesy Krista Callaghan copy.jpg

    Courtesy Krista Callaghan

    Frame Care for Your Off-Road Rig

    Any trail in a thick forest throughout the season includes at least one water crossing or wetlands to endure. Fellow off-road enthusiast - Krista Callaghan - has a motto on her Jeep JK, ‘look pretty, play dirty,’ which explains in a few words... Read more

    May 25, 2022

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