South Lake Trailer Park

1109 Kendrick Creek Lane, Minden Hills, Ontario K0M 2K0

South Lake Tent & Trailer Park
1109 Kendrick Creek Lane, Minden Hills, Ontario K0M 2K0
Campground, Trailhead
Canoeing, Fishing, Snowmobiling, Swimming

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Avoid this Park

This place is a dump. It's so dirty and aesthetically unpleasing! The owner has not done any repairs or updates since he bought the park. The road is unpassable with a car; it's nothing but large holes and huge ruts. If you love you vehicle avoid this place like the plague.

Cindy more than 6 years ago

Great Park

I have been a seasonal resident in this park for 16 years, and have met lots of people from all different walks of life. At this park you get a lot more freedom than many other parks, eg. late night bonfires without having to be in your trailer by 11 o'clock. The owner does need to do some upgrades to the park, but our family and many others enjoy our time there. The people are great. If you are into ATVing it is great for that. One of our residents will be celebrating her 50th season at the park this year. If the park was not a good one I think she would have left by now. I have seen lots of children, including my own, grow up coming to this park, and come back with their own children. Nice beach and the lake is safe. Looking forward to another great season at Southlake Trailer Park.

Joan more than 6 years ago


Do not take your kids here! Our daughter is just 8 and residents would purposely slam their brakes on and cause her to slam into the back of their vehicle! And that is just the beginning! The owner does nothing and the cops don't either! The place is a dump! Mold, critters and such unsafe people! Don't go here.

Pam more than 6 years ago

Under new ownership - 2016

Great place to go with your family. This park is beautiful. Two parks for kids and a huge beach area! The residents are kind and responsible. I think this is a wonderful place to stay - whether you're in a tent or trailer. The local ATV trail runs throughout the property, making this an ideal place for ATV'ing or off roading.
Can't wait to go next year!

Candace more than 7 years ago


South Lake Trailer Park is a great place. I have only spent one weekend there but I noticed that everyone was having a great time in their own spaces, with music and campfires. Lots of ATV's roaming around and all of them were very respectful and drove slow. The road in is a little rough, but you just need to drive slow. Looking forward to a great season next year. We are so happy to be one of the South Lake Trailer Park residents.

Debby more than 7 years ago


Place used to be nice a couple of years ago. Road into campground is just deplorable. Do not go if you just have a car - you will cause yourself too much damage. Campground is run down even though South Lake is a beautiful area.

Monique Steward more than 8 years ago