Armadillo - the new and improved Boler - Video

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Is it a lightweight fiberglass

Wendy 285 days ago


Does your plus package include a bathroom? Are there larger models that include a bathroom? How long from purchase/deposit to deliver?

Sharyn Manning more than 1 year ago

Working on it

Hello. We are working on a model that will have a flush toilet. At this time we offer an easy to use Thetford portable toilet. We only offer the Armadillo in the 13.5' model at this time, and presently there is a three month build time from the time of order to the time of pick up. Thank you.

Mike more than 1 year ago


Could you please email me a PDF copy of the floorplans. Thank you

Paul A. Johnson. more than 1 year ago


Hi Paul. Thank you for your interest in our trailers. Here is a link to our website floorplans page:

Mike more than 1 year ago


Lovely! Square footage? Weight? How cool is it inside with only a fan when in Nevada?
How large is the refrigerator? A small freezer inside? Any testimonials available from live aboard people who showered outside in colder temperatures? Can we see the outside shower? How many cabinets? Enough for kitchen, toiletries, clothing, books, laptop, etc., or bring luggage in and out? Thank you!

DebOrah Babbit more than 1 year ago


Hi, thank you for your interest in our trailers! The Armadillo shell is 6'5" wide and 10' long. The Fantastic fan we offer works well in the hotter climates, and we also offer an AC option. The fridge is a 3-way Dometic RM 2354, 3 cu ft with a small freezer. We do not have customer testimonials on our exterior showers at this time. The exterior shower is located in a compartment in the rear of the trailer, and comes with taps, hose, and a shower wand. I will have pictures showing it on our website soon.
There are plenty of cabinets to store all of the essentials. We also offer an external storage drawer. Thanks.

Mike more than 1 year ago

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