Bluetooth Surge Protector Giveaway

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Avoid Damaging Your Electrical Devices at RV Parks & Resorts

Hughes Autoformers wants to give you the opportunity to protect yourself from dirty power at RV campgrounds.

They are giving away 25 Digital AC Volt Meters that will measure the voltage of an AC outlet whether it’s in your house, RV, or RV pedestal. It measures a range between 90 to 132 Volts. Voltage below 108 or more than 132 can damage electrical devices!

There are also two Grand Prizes of Power Watchdog Surge Protectors, either 30 or 50 Amp, depending on the winners’ preference.

Don’t wait - Contest closes Wednesday, November 15th, 2023 so winners are protected for the fall and winter RV season.

There is no cost to enter, simply fill out the form below. As a bonus, every entry can receive a complimentary print (Canadian Mailing addresses) or digital (US mailing addresses) edition of Snowbirds & RV Travelers by entering their mailing address in the form below.

Watchdog Surge ProtectorHughes Autoformers Volt Meter

For complete electrical protection at RV parks and resorts, two winners will receive the Hughes Power Watchdog Smart Surge Protector (EPO).

The Hughes Power Watchdog is indeed a Surge Protector. When you plug it into the pedestal at the campground, it keeps the power disconnected for four seconds while ensuring the power is reliable.

The Watchdog then energizes the electrical cord to your RV and continues monitoring the power to protect it from low voltage, high voltage, wiring issues, and more. A built-in Emergency Power Off (EPO) feature will shut down the power flowing to the RV if it detects any issues and then continues monitoring to determine if the condition is resolved. It will then automatically reconnect the power.

Hughes also added a unique built-in Bluetooth compatibility, and an app is available so you can remotely monitor the status of the power and of any faults in the power source. One of the newest additions is the RV Whisper system, which uses WiFi or cellular to report the status of compatible sensors.

This means you can check the status of your RV power from practically anywhere you have a solid connection, and not just within range of a Bluetooth connection. Like other surge protectors, this is available as a plug-and-play or a permanent installation.

Digital AC Volt Meter in action

(Above) Digital AC Volt Meter in action

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