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e-locker indicator light

when I try to engage the rear locker the indicator light on dash flashes, why is this happening, the front indicator light stays on.

Mike Bostick more than 5 years ago

Light issues

Hi Mike, I take it you are talking about a factory Toyota or Jeep locker, correct? The flashing light on most models means that the differential is not in the locked position even though the switch is. The factory lockers have feedback sensors that signal the indicator lamps in the dash when the locker is engaged. Try driving in an "S" to get the locking pins to align as they may just need to get in sync, this is common with many selectable lockers. If this does not help, depending on what vehicle you have, the locking ring that does the physical movement may be impeded from going to the locked position. This may be an air line, or electrical problem. It could also be the sensor that tells the computer that your vehicle differential is in the locked position may be bad.

Good luck sorting it out, or if we can get some more details about your particular vehicle, we may be able to assist further.



Tech Editor Bryan Irons more than 5 years ago