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SunCruiser West Coast 2018 cover

SunCruiser West Coast 2018 is available now

When it comes to boating in the Northwest, nothing beats SunCruiser West Coast as the favourite cruising companion. Over 600 hazards and points of interest are clearly documented on our unique and easy to use map system. ...

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Henri Bergius

How many times have you stood on the shore watching the sail and power boats go by, wishing you could own one? How many times have you looked at a map of British Columbia’s island-festooned and fjord-riven coast and imagined being anchored among... Read more

West Coast

Compass Courses Boat 2 Photo Courtesy Compass Courses.JPG

Compass Courses Maritime Training

Accidents offshore can happen in the blink of an eye and quite often, it occurs when you least expect it. Regardless of the cause or care given for prevention, it’s essential to earn maritime safety credentials to ensure everyone’s safety... Read more

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Washington Sea Grant Puget Sound Photo Shannon Kringen.jpg

Shannon Kringen

Preserving the waterways of any region is not an easy task. Yet, since 2009, Washington Sea Grant and their partners have invested time, effort plus clear messages and preventative tactics for recreational boaters and marinas to create a stronger... Read more

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North Coast Hotel Resort Ltd.

Steeped in history with a tradition of attracting those who are hooked to serious fishing and the outdoor lifestyle, Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort and Spa have evolved over the years to effectively provide the utmost comfort, while... Read more

West Coast

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West Bay Shipyards

Serving the yacht industry is a business that comes naturally for West Bay Shipyards. Based in Delta, BC, approximately 20 minutes from Vancouver, the company not only has a long-standing reputation of building custom and semi-custom yachts from... Read more

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