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When it comes to boating in the Northwest, nothing beats SunCruiser West Coast as the favourite cruising companion. Over 600 hazards and points of interest are clearly documented on our unique and easy to use map system. ...




Cindy Shan

The sunshine hasn't left just yet. Here are 5 beaches to explore in Vancouver, BC, before the temperature cools down! more

West Coast


the swim guide

Vancouver beach goers were on alert in August, for high levels of E.coli contamination in and around English Bay. The False Creek Water Monitoring Program was launched to provide British Columbians with reliable water quality data and prevent... more

West Coast

1  Aerial view of Desolation Sound Andrew Strain Destination BC.jpeg

Andrew Strain

British Columbia’s coast is renowned for wilderness, island archipelagos, deep fjords carving into mountains and amid all of this, welcoming communities and marina resorts... more

West Coast

An aerial view of Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands.

Mark Gardner

With a series of ports, a fascinating history, colourful culture, and myriad of activities, the San Juan Islands are one of the most popular boating destinations in the world. more

West Coast

A bird’s-eye view of Nanaimo.

Arrowsmith Aerial Photography

Boaters can be creatures of habit and love to do the same thing every season. They visit the same marina, do the same activities, travel with the same boat companions and even use the same dock location. If traditions are what boaters love... more

West Coast