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When it comes to boating in the Northwest, nothing beats SunCruiser West Coast as the favourite cruising companion. Over 600 hazards and points of interest are clearly documented on our unique and easy to use map system. ...



Massive Marine Garage Sale this Saturday in Victoria

The Maritime Museum of BC

The Maritime Museum of BC presents its annual fundraiser, the Massive Marine Garage Sale on Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 9am-1pm at Pier A warehouse, Ogden Point (the cruise ship terminal), Dallas Road in Victoria. more

West Coast

There’s nothing scarier than not having an answer when someone yells “what do we do now?” when you and your crew find yourself in a hazardous situation miles from shore. Earning maritime safety credentials is the smartest training any ... more

West Coast

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Photo by http://www.kgoodphoto.com

The charming, seaside town of Sidney is located along the shores of the Salish Sea in Haro Strait. As the gateway to Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, Sidney Spit Island, and the San Juan Islands, Sidney is a fantastic stop over with ... more

West Coast

Escape to the Emerald City - Seattle, WA

Claudia Cooper

Larger, cosmopolitan centres are always exciting to visit by water. While it’s hard to substitute the lure of the stunning greenery, waterfront cities have an allure for many boaters as the landscape transforms from the peaceful sound of nature ... more

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Christina and Jim Pivarnik

When a coastal city has been repeatedly featured on several "best of" lists from reputable publications in recent years, you just know there's something special about the area. As Port Townsend has become known for its many points of interest ... more

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