Hello. My name is Perry Mack and I have a rubber fetish. No wait! That didn’t come out right. I mean rubber as in off-road tires. There is no other single performance enhancing modification you can make to your vehicle that will dramatically... Read more


MIL-2899 Aero 3 Towing Mirrors Pair.jpeg

Milenco Limited

Milenco Limited has announced the opening of its new office, Milenco America LLC, in South Bend, Indian. This North American branch is important for the development of the British-based Milton Keynes engineering company, as they will be able to... Read more

Trade Only

Teraflex Nomad Wheel 2 photo Teraflex.jpeg


Every year at the SEMA Show we see a rash of new wheels whose sole claim to newness is looks. But Teraflex introduced the Nomad this year and not only does it look good but it has function to back up its form. Twist a knob and the tire will air... Read more




America's best-selling mid-size pickup for the last 14 years, the Toyota Tacoma, is ready for the competitive midsize pickup segment with new 2020 models. Introduced at the Chicago Auto show, these models are said to be the best-equipped yet... Read more


Bolt Locks has partnered with Monster Hooks to create a recovery hook that locks to your vehicle using your ignition key. Read more


2019 Ram 1500 Multifunction Tailgate with Mopar Bed Step


Ram Truck has introduced a new unique Multifunction Tailgate feature on the 2019 Ram 1500. The Multifunction Tailgate provides advantages from other pickups in cargo-management and storage by offering flexible cargo-access. Read more


Atturo Trail Blade Boss 15 wide


The Trail Blade Boss from Atturo was originally introduced for the 2016 year and they have now introduced a 15” wide version for 2019. It’s a very aggressive looking tire specially designed for lifted trucks. Unlike any other manufacturer, they... Read more


We set out with two F150 trucks fully-rigged with caps, roof racks, Wild Coast roof top tents, awnings and trailers that concealed fridge/freezers, stoves, propane, bedding and an assortment of other essentials. Of course, chaos ensued as we... Read more




2020 F-Series Super Duty trucks continue to raise the bar. It offers its highest conventional, gooseneck and fifth-wheel towing and payload ratings yet. The F-Series Super Duty has two new engines, the 7.3-litre gasoline V8 and upgraded third... Read more


On sale this spring is the newly released Nissan 2019 Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition. The standard all-wheel drive Rock Creek Edition is available in both SV and SL based on SV Tech and SL Premium trims... Read more