Many improvements in the new 2019 Silverado aren't readily apparent. Here are the top three 'invisible' engineering features that make it better than the last Silverado. more


The change in season hints at an end to summer vacation, but for some solo adventures, it’s the perfect time to head out on a trip of a lifetime. Mathieu Godin begins this issue with a story about overlanding around the Gaspé Peninsula... more



AJ Gagnon

There are a few reasons I love this product; it makes a great espresso coffee, it’s easy to use, and it keeps everything you need for your morning “fix” all in one place (minus water and milk). I could also say that it’s practical as it can be... more


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Mercedes Lilienthal

Hosted at the Sasquatch Mountain Resort near Hemlock Valley in British Columbia, The BC Overland Rally (BCOR) recently hosted its second annual event, attracting more than 700 off-road enthusiasts from all over Canada, including Alberta... more




Well, no. Not exactly just cruise control. When the Trail Control is engaged in any of the 4x4 modes, the Raptor takes over throttle and braking while the driver focuses on steering. Stuck in the sand and don’t know how to get out? Switch to... more


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When it comes to integrating electrical power into an internal combustion engine, one of the forerunners in the auto industry is no doubt Toyota. The company has been on an “eco-charge” for more than two decades and has a whole family of hybrid... more

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“New Special Edition of Canadian Overlanding Trips" more


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Bryan Irons

As we saunter through the halls of SEMA every year we are presented with a myriad of off road and truck products from every aspect of the “sport”. Some are purely aesthetic; others are strictly “Get’er’dun” engineered, but most fall somewhere in... more


Garmin has developed a smaller and more compact satellite communicator with two-way messaging and a 24/7 SOS function when combined with an inReach subscription. Measuring just 10 cm tall x 5 cm wide (4”x2”), and weighing 100 g, the inReach Mini... more


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Zach Bagley

This Canadian adventure started as a simple conversation with one of my friends from high school when I showed him a radio controlled truck I was working on. He asked me “when are you going to buy a real truck?” The question kind of stuck with me... more