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Perry Mack

I was following the GPS in the hope of reaching Eldorado Canyon State Park for some epic scenic photo ops. The pavement had ended and the F-150 with the new Power Stroke 3.0L Diesel was bouncing along the winding, narrow, potholed dirt road towing... more

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Marc Bowers

Our plan was to build up our 200 Series Land Cruiser to make it worthy of ‘Cruise Moab’, the Toyota Land Cruiser Association sanctioned event in Moab, Utah. This is what we used to make this iconic Toyota unstoppable! more

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Tire tread compounds are composed of a reinforcing filler, which is usually carbon black, to extend the wear life of the tire. However, thanks to tire technological advances over the past decades, this carbon black can sometimes be replaced... more

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Where do you go for steep hills and snow? A ski resort of course photo Perry Mack.jpeg

Perry Mack

It was early April and spring was in the air, just not here. The temperature hovered around 0°C, unpredictably dancing and dipping above and below the freezing point, while under pregnant, moisture laden grey skies, we began our journey into the... more

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A Bestop engineer walks us through the design and operation of the new soft top for Wrangler JL and tells us about the release of a new top for Wrangler JK. The new Wrangler JK top is still in development but will combine the best features of the ... more


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Bryan Irons

The ever-transpiring game of off road “catch up” has us strapping on bigger tires, bolting on heavier armor, applying more power and upgrading driveline components to our rigs in order to keep up with the crowds in the woods with turn key trail... more


3W stands for wear, wet and winter. It seems the Falken engineers were targeting northern climates with this tire. All-terrain (A/T) tires are designed to be the daily driver for off-road trucks and SUV’s, perfect for the weekend warriors and the ... more


Securing Your Load 1 photo Rhino-racks.JPG


Roof racks are a great way to carry extra gear on your weekend adventures. However, when it comes to carrying your recreation equipment and luggage, or any loads for that matter, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. more


2018 Chevrolet Tahoe RST


It was a two-day run-and-gun media extravaganza of humdrum info sessions and test-drives interrupted by bursts of adrenaline, courtesy shotgun high speed, screeching, rubber-burning rides. When it comes to full-size SUV’s, Chevrolet dominates... more

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Edelbrock is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Morse to the position of Account Sales Manager at Edelbrock, LLC. Rob brings 28-year of experience in the automotive industry to the Edelbrock Sales Team. ... more

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