No good story ended with 'nothing went wrong along the way'. A story worth telling is often the result of the misfortunes that happen on the journey. Being prepared for when things go wrong is vital to any off-road adventure, and being prepared... more


2019 Ford F-150 Raptor

Photo courtesy Ford Canada

We’re always excited when news breaks about the F-150 Raptor. For 2019 Ford announced a few enhancements to this proven trail rider including new suspension and handling technology, as well as new seating, adding even more comfort and security to... more


Flitz Sealant w Microfiber


Flitz has recently released their Premium Sealant, which has been formulated to protect against UV sun rays, water spots, dust/dirt, bug splatter & more (sound like any 4x4 you know?). The sealant works on all metal surfaces, fibreglass... more




ZROADZ Hood Hinge LED mounting kit easily installs in minutes, the LED mounting brackets bolt on to the hood hinge or near the A-pillar. Get just the brackets or as a complete kit with LED light pods and a mil-spec wiring harness... more


PPI-CMO_XUV Back of Jeep.jpg


AirBedz XUV® mattresses fit around the wheel wells of your Jeep, SUV or crossover vehicle, creating a sleep area that takes up the entire back seat area providing more room and comfort for the outdoor enthusiasts. more


Lead Yakima Holdup photo Perry Mack.jpg

Perry Mack

A couple of years back I made the drive from BC to Nevada and California to do some wheeling, both the 2-wheel and 4x4 variety. At the time I choose the Yakima SpareRide. It mounts to the spare allowing you to the open rear door of the Jeep... more


5 Risky Business photo Brady Melville-2.jpg

Brady Melville

The Risky Business rig started out like many projects, as a pile of parts and a dream. And the dream was to wheel an Ultra4 caliber buggy in Moab, southern California, and back home on Vancouver Island. Owner Randy Jenkins has owned multiple built... more

Builds & Reviews

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Bryan Irons

If you have been following at 4WDrive, you know that our latest acquisition, Tim Toyota, a 1976 time capsule of a FJ40 Land Cruiser, has garnered squatter’s rights in Editor Irons driveway… Much to the chagrin of his lovely wife. While Tim not only.. more


1 - driveway full of jeepsphoto Jessica Sultan.jpg

Jessica Sultan

I'm writing this article as a shout out to all my fellow truck-widow and widowers. You often hear about football widows and work-widows: but never the poor partner of a truck-obsessed person, and the sorrows that they endure. more

Builds & Reviews

1 photo aeroix Flickr-2.jpg

aeroix Flickr

An established sport with over 50 years of history, Icelandic Formula Offroad is no longer the best-kept secret in the world of motorsports as online streaming video and social media posts are bringing footage to everyone. What began as a friendly... more