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Landscape vs Portrait

Error in the 2nd para., 2nd sentence: should say "We like to see some in landscape..." rather than "We like to see some in portrait..."

Genevieve Roberts more than 5 years ago

Landscape vs Portrait

I actually did mean portrait orientation and it has to do with the use of photos in the print editions. Every photographer takes images in landscape orientation (width is greater than height) as this is the natural position of the camera.

As a result we receive thousands of photos in landscape orientation.

However most magazines are constructed in portrait orientation (where height is greater than width). Photos composed in portrait orientation make for striking images on single full pages, including of course, the cover.

And since it requires the camera to be turned sideways, an 'unnatural' position, we only receive a couple hundred every year.

While landscape images can be cropped to create a portrait image, it's rare that the result is a balanced and attractive composition.

SunCruiser more than 5 years ago