October 11, 2012


The new Superchips iHawk is a very compact WIRELESS BLUETOOTH intelligent combination of technology and portability capable of turning any iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch into a complete data-logging gauge package for your vehicle.  iHawk consists of a small Bluetooth "LINQ" module and an Apple® iPhone® "App" (application) downloaded from the Apple® iTunes® App Store.  The LINQ plugs into the diagnostic port under the dash.  Installation takes seconds and requires no tools!  

         - Easily flick through multiple dashboards, gauge screens, and other diagnostic choices

         - Measure vehicle acceleration (requires web connection)

         - Gauges display hundreds of vehicle parameters

         - Set automatic alerts

         - Data log any parameter

         - View in analog or digital gauge style

         - Calculate 0 to 60 and 1/4 mile times

         - Customizable gauges can be set to any parameter, in any parameter, in any combination

         - Real time Dashboard and One Touch data logging records what you see

         - No tools required

         - CAN based import and domestic vehicle coverage  

The Superchips iHawk is compatible on vehicles 2007 and up, and many CAN based vehicles prior to 2007. iHawk uses iMiken™ PATENT-PENDING AccuPerformance system to acquire vehicle data, weather data, and performance data and integrates them all to provide accurate results. It's like having a portable dyno, digital gauge kit, trouble code scanner, data logging, and 1/4 mile drag strip for your vehicle neatly controlled and packaged within your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®.

Download the custom "Superchips iHawk" app through Apples app store today! Click here to view/download app!

Learn more at superchips.com!

October 11, 2012