The Ultimate Off-Road Re-Build

Two years of major mods resulted in a tricked-out 1976 Toyota Chinook that was refined to perfection one piece at a time.

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Love your Article!

Hi, I love reading your Article and how you provided so much information on how you tricked-out a 1976 Toyota Chinook. I would love to get to talk more with the writer of this article. If possible please let me know how I can be able to reach him out. Thank you so much!

Marcus 91 days ago

Contact through instagram

Hi there! Thank you for the feedback :) Kevin included his instagram,, please reach out to him through there.


Megan C (SunCruiser) 88 days ago

Total Costs?

I've got a '77 that I'm looking to make a lot of similar mods to. Do you have a rough number on costs I'd be looking at?

Trevan 105 days ago


I have run across bits and pieces of the story your rig online a few times but having the whole story is awesome. Great job! More pics!

Larry 108 days ago