Around the Industry - Atlas Tanoak Mid-size Concept Truck

VW will need more than the name of a northwest tree to grow market share

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Germans generally deliver

Over time it seems that German manufacturers are more likely to build their concepts than other countries of origin, which I would like to see for this truck. While I am a truck enthusiast, and like body-on-frame trucks, I like the practicality of this. I think Honda had a good thing with the Ridgeline, until they made it horrendous looking, like a Pilot with a bed. Most Americans scream body-on-frame and 95% of them don't need it. My kayaks, paddle/surf boards, and camping gear, while having something that handles well in the snow, with a capable 4wd system, would work great with this truck. If they build it, besides the Christmas tree lighting, I hope they don't change it and make it another Pilot truck.

Jonny Utah more than 1 year ago