Choosing a Tent for Overlanding

Why we chose Rooftop over a Ground Tent for Overlanding



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Gary, you are absolutely right, rookie mistake. We used two GTs before the RTT, the OZ Tent RV3 which was very comfortable and very easy to set up, and on our canoe camping trips we used a Cabela<s Alaskan Guide model, very light and very comfortable as well. In the end what really got us to go with RTT was that we are now going into unknown areas, outside of my spouse's comfort zone, and with the mattress already in, the easy of setting it up and the fact that it is above ground made the RTT a very important choice for us. I have been in the Army for 25 years and sleeping on camp cots is a thing of the past for me, so up above on a comfortable mattress helped with our choice. The GTs are great products and I highly recommend either one in a heartbeat. But for us RTT was the way to go. Thank you for your comment. AG

Alain Gagnon more than 1 year ago

RTT vs. GT

I was disappointed that you didn't include any review of ground tents that were comparable to the RTT you chose.

Gary Connel more than 1 year ago