August 15, 2012

Jason Bolton, head guide

The second week of August brought great weather and a little bit of a pick-me-up on the fishing front.

Fish are definitely moving around inside Nootka Sound with Camel Rock and Hoiss Point being the favourite inside spots.  Anglers were also having luck at Three Cove Bay and some great spots just out front of Moutcha Bay – Princess Royal Point, Cougar Point.  The big old Conuma hatchery springs are rolling in and you can see them flopping around in front, with good viewing right from the resort property.

There is still a plague of mackerel in the area; long-time Nootka Sounders reporting more than they’ve ever seen before.  We’ve noticed lately that the chinook are chowing down on these visitors with some bellies full of them at the cleaning table.  They are an invasive pest and it pains us to watch them gobble up salmon fry.  However, I will say it’s fun to watch kids catching bucketsful of them off the dock.

Flashers and spoons were our go-tos this week with flashers in blue/silver and popular spoons like Coyote’s copcar, watermelon and uv.  On the inside we are having most luck at 50 to 60 feet on the downrigger in 70 to 80 feet of water.  Fish close to shore and troll parallel to it to have a crack at these beauties having a last feed before they head upstream.

Bottom fishing has been good, with halibut showing up near the opening of the sound at Escalante Point and Maquinna Point.  A couple of our guests did very well at Maquinna this week while jigging for springs, landing a 60 and 70 pound halibut quite by surprise.  Out at Bajo Reef the bottom fishing continues to be strong with anglers finding halibut, yelloweye rockfish and  lots of lingcod.

For the nature lovers it’s been an interesting week with a mola mola (giant sunfish) sighting, dall’s porpoises and a pod of minke whales hanging around inside Nootka Sound.  Minkes tend to be a little shy and reclusive so it’s a treat to see them.  The mola mola report pegged this gentle giant at 500 to 600 pounds – quite something to see if you haven’t spotted one before.

With all the enticement of fishing on the inside for these Conuma chinooks make sure you check the regulations in the areas you’re fishing.

Tight lines,

Jason Bolton, head guide

Moutcha Bay Resort

August 15, 2012

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