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Mathieu Godin

Risk Management for Solo Overlanders

It’s difficult to coordinate a long-term trip with other people for a few reasons. Sometimes the timing is not right, or some people will opt out at the last minute. Regardless of the explanations, they shouldn’t be any reason to cancel a trip... more

Sep 25, 2018 12:00 AM Off-road Essentials

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Factor 55

Soft Shackle Designs

There have been some recent inquires to Factor 55 about the best way to make soft shackles out of old retired synthetic winch lines. Read their advice below. more

Aug 15, 2018 4:27 PM Off-road Essentials

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Mercedes Lilienthal

Navigation is critical, whether by via GPS, map and compass, or directions from your spouse. If you don’t know where you’re headed you may be bound for disaster or a very long ride home. If you’re interested in learning traditional navigation... more

Off-Road Essentials

Tried and True - An Adventure Journalists Camera Gear

Ever wondered what gear a journalist uses to tell stories through images and video, when he has to haul it tens of thousands of kilometres on planes, trains, trucks, and of course on his back like a pack mule? more

Jun 13, 2018 1:30 PM Approach Angle

20 Years of 4WDrive Giveaway

Wow what a ride! Canada’s truck and off-road magazine is 20 years old. We are very proud to be Canadian and need to thank-you for our success. Ours is a constantly evolving fast-paced world. Even though what we do with our trucks, SUV’s and ... more

Feb 28, 2018 12:00 AM Approach Angle