October 15, 2012

Photos and Story by Jolene Wade

The Fountain of Youth Spa is a real paradise in the Southern California desert between the Salton Sea and the Chocolate Mountains. An easy drive from Palm Springs, it’s a popular stop for snowbirds. The scenery and views are exceptional, and the community is very welcoming. There are almost 1,000 sites to accommodate all types of rigs.

A stay at Fountain of Youth is rejuvenating and filled with many activities for your enjoyment. For those who love hiking, there are options abound for all levels including a vigorous climb to the top of one of the Chocolate Mountain peaks. The resort has two world-class tennis courts and six beautiful bocce courts, two pool areas and daily water exercise classes. Horseshoes are very popular, as are shuffleboard, pool playing and card games.

The resort offers fabulous facilities and a friendly, capable staff, several recreation halls with large kitchens, stage, TV and computer room, weights and fitness equipment, poolroom, puzzle room, and library. There are two large pools, four hot spas, a mineral spa and steam rooms. There’s also a nine-hole desert golf course, two Laundromats, store, beauty salon, café, massage therapy, and beautiful new homes for rent or sale.

Guests enjoy an abundant social life contributing to scheduled events with their many talents. An active square dance group dances weekly and offers regular lessons. A yearly Art Show and Craft Fair amazes newcomers, and every Tuesday is local talent night. There’s a dance every Saturday night and church services on Sundays. The weekly produce market is full of fresh local delights, and the monthly Flea Market is a favorite. Of course these are just a few of the scheduled activities and events held during the fall and winter season.

With weather, views and personality like this, it’s no wonder FOY is known as a piece of paradise! Within an hour of Palm Springs or Mexico.

Fountain of Youth is offering Snowbird & RV Travelers readers a 4th Night FREE with this article.

Please visit www.foyspa.com

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October 15, 2012

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About "FOY"...

My wife and I have visited "FOY" several times and it is an amazing place. There's a "spirit" there that we've never found at any other park -- everyone is friendly and greets you as you walk around, and there are SO MANY activities that you simply CANNOT do them all -- you must pick and choose, or if you prefer, you can just enjoy staying at your site and relaxing.

The park staff keep the place SPOTLESS -- again, we've never found another park that is better in that regard.

You must try it -- you'll want to come back year after year!


Vic Stobee more than 1 years ago