Alberta Safari Park

RR#202, Alberta, Alberta

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  • Explore our extensive trail system suitable for all stock S.U.V.'s and 4x4's .
  • The well marked trail system includes 30+optional obstacle loops rated 2/10 - 10/10 in difficulty.
  • A Trials course with a 20 degree R.T.I ramp is set up near the trail head.
  • Allow 6-8 hours to complete the trail system depending on driver, vehicles and weather conditions.
  • Minimum requirements are two people per vehicle, two or more vehicles equipped with tow hooks, tow straps. 4x4's with winches should have a tree-saver strap, clevis,reduction block etc. April to November rate is $60 per 4x4, and November to March its $50 per 4x4, per day regardless of the number of passengers seated with belts on. This price includes your fire wood for a mid-day barbeque, at 2 different locations. If you pre-pay for 2 day's of 4wheeling or quading, your overnight camping is free of charge!
  • BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please book your appointments well in advance ,as there are many annual events registered, eg. St. Patricks Day, XJ-Days,Multi-Club-Run, Cruiser-Days,Land Rover Wheels event, and private 4x4/quad/dealer/ functions and the infamous Safari-Challenge (Tough-Trail Challenge, 3rd week in August)

Approach directions From the Northwest

Go east on the Yellowhead to Hwy #21,south to Wye RD.turn left onto Wye Road.

Approach directions From the Northeast

Take the Yellowhead trail west to RR#210,turn left,go south to Wye RD,turn left onto Wye Road

Final Directions from Northwest/Northeast:

go East on RR214 (NOTE: THE TEMPO STATION IS THE LAST CHANCE FOR 24HR.FUEL),keep going East on Wye Rd.PAST RR#205 to RR#202.Turn left (north) 1/4 Kilometer follow road through lefthand curve,your there! There are two reasons we ask you to stay on the main road. 1) So that you can maintain hwy.speed and also avoid the bumpy secondary Rd. 2) It's also less annoying to local residents.

Approach directions From the southeast

Go west on Hwy #14 turn right at the Lindbrook sign,follow road to Lindbrook store,turn left on #630,Wye road, turn right at RR#202. Follow the road through the left curve for 1/4 Kilometer, your there!