October 10, 2012

Unexpected storm damage sparks unexpected hospitality

A blustery day in this desert town typically means a few branches down and perhaps a little rain here and there.  But the storm that occurred on September 9 brought damaging winds that took out more than 60 power poles and decimated parts of Shangri-La RV Resort, a Foothills-area RV park that lay directly in the storm's path.  

Now Jon and Tammy Heidrich, the resort's owners, are working overtime to get the park re-landscaped, re-plumbed and rebuilt while dealing with insurance adjusters for their RV guests - many of whom are trying to grasp the full devastation from thousands of miles away.  

The Heidrich family has enlisted the community to help. "Our goal is for the residents to come back and not see damage but notice that the park is even better than before," said the Heidrichs.  And with help from a local bank, a local horticulturist, and a personal chef, the project is well on its way.  

The Shangri-La RV Resort is a family-owned and operated park just off Interstate 8 in the popular city known as the "Sunniest City in the World." The city attracts over 100,000 RV'ers in the winter months, with streams of RVs pouring into the community from across the United States and Canada to more than 23,000 spots in area parks.  

For Shangri-La guests, their welcome this year will be a special one. During the month of November, 2012, new and returning guests will find a beautifully landscaped and upgraded park.  Plus, they'll be greeted with home-baked cookies and a flower arrangement compliments of the National Bank of Arizona, along with a welcome bag from Yuma Visitors Bureau; a custom Shangri-La RV Resort welcome mat, a Yuma Sun newspaper, and raffle tickets for a chance to win two season passes to the Heritage Festival's series of shows in the Historic Yuma Theatre.  

"We want to make lemonade out of the lemons we were dealt and make sure our guests are happy when they arrive," added Tammy Heidrich. "They truly are like family to us and we will always put their needs first. The cookies, flowers, and welcome mat are just extra touches to make them feel at home."  

The Shangri-La RV Resort is located at 10498 North Frontage Road Yuma, AZ  85365. Website is www.shangrilarv.com, Info@shangrilarv.com and phone is 877-742-6474. Media may contact Susan Sternitzke at Limelight Creative Group at 928-246-9255.  

October 10, 2012