September 21, 2012

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wagon masters

Hi Dan and Lisa, I am interested in finding out how successful you were in finding wagonmasters. I have a RV blog and would like to post something about this type of work for other RVers and would be interested in learning more for the future.
Thank you.
Carol Ann Quibell

carolann more than 1 year ago


Isee you need wagonmasters for your baja rv caravans. My wife and I have worked several caravans in and out of baja, plus mainland mexico. Also canada, yukon, alaska, and back. For caravans in mexico we use a small TT.

Send me some info on your wagonmasters - duties, responsibilities,tours available, compensation, our cost for vehicle insurance.

western arkansas

zane lile more than 1 year ago

getting the word out

Hi Dan and Lisa,

I've posted a message on my facebook page, including a link to this article. I'll also put it into a blog post on my website, if you like. Please let me know if you'd like me to do this.

Best wishes for finding the right people with ease.

Debra Taylor

Debra Taylor more than 2 years ago