September 21, 2012

by Dan & Lisa Goy

Commencing immediately BAJA AMIGOS RV Caravan Tours are announcing plans to expand their tours on Baja.  Dan and Lisa Goy have been RVing on Baja since 1985 and their love of Mexico and Baja was pivotal in their decision to start BAJA AMIGOS RV Caravan Tours in 2008.  BAJA AMIGOS RV Caravan Tours, currently offers three (3) 28-day tours in January, February and March and one (1) 45-day tour in November through mid-December.  Tours begin at the U.S./Mexico border descending down the Mexican Baja to Cabo San Lucas and return.  Tours are designed to provide a broad overview of the Baja experience for RVers seeking to return on their own or just experience what this magnificent peninsula to offer.

Dan Goy, President & CEO said “Clearly RVers have responded positively to our approach to Baja RV Caravans, particularly small groups, hosted on-tour excursions and personal approach.  Last season we only had 3 vacancies and had to turn folks away, this year our registrations have been unprecedented and likely to be sold out at the Snowbird RV Show in Abbostford, BC.”

“Because Baja Amigos specializes in small groups of RVers and 1000 km (600 miles) plus hosted on-tour excursions, this means your experience is more personal, more intimate and more enjoyable!  Travelling with us is more than just being customers; we treat everyone like good friends,” stated Lisa Goy, VP Finance.

“Our intention is to add tours for the 2013/2014 Season and that means we must add WagonMasters/Guides which will include extensive training.  We find this very rewarding work, both personally and financially, and believe this presents an excellent opportunity for the right someone to spend all or part of the winter on Baja California Mexico,” added Dan.

Lisa commented “We believe the demand is there and growing, there are hundreds of thousands of Snowbird RVers every winter in California and Arizona alone and many are very curious about what Baja have to offer.”

“Our current plan is to add tours incrementally, one couple at a time, to ensure we keep pace with the RV Snowbird demand.  We remain committed to deliver an excellent Baja tour for all guests , ensuring additional WagonMasters/Guides fully understand our tours and main the integrity of our Baja relationships,” concluded Dan.

Fact: Over 1 million Canadians and 30 million Americans currently own RVs and the Baby Boomer generation is the fastest growing demographic in both countries.  Hundreds of thousands of Canadians and Americans snowbird to the southern US within 250 miles of the Mexican border and the Gulf of Mexico shoreline each winter. 

Vision Statement: Baja Amigos RV Caravan Tours strive to exceed expectations from Day 0.  Baja Amigos flourish on past guest referrals and building strong relationships with industry stakeholders in Canada, United States and Mexico.  Baja Amigos tours are recognized for service excellence and delivering a camping experience 2nd to none by guests and industry partners alike.

Anyone interested in this unique and rewarding opportunity should contact Baja Amigos!

Dan Goy,


September 21, 2012

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wagon masters

Hi Dan and Lisa, I am interested in finding out how successful you were in finding wagonmasters. I have a RV blog and would like to post something about this type of work for other RVers and would be interested in learning more for the future.
Thank you.
Carol Ann Quibell

carolann more than 1 years ago


Isee you need wagonmasters for your baja rv caravans. My wife and I have worked several caravans in and out of baja, plus mainland mexico. Also canada, yukon, alaska, and back. For caravans in mexico we use a small TT.

Send me some info on your wagonmasters - duties, responsibilities,tours available, compensation, our cost for vehicle insurance.

western arkansas

zane lile more than 1 years ago

getting the word out

Hi Dan and Lisa,

I've posted a message on my facebook page, including a link to this article. I'll also put it into a blog post on my website, if you like. Please let me know if you'd like me to do this.

Best wishes for finding the right people with ease.

Debra Taylor

Debra Taylor more than 1 years ago