Jaymor’s Penetrating Lubricant

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Great Product

I wanted to give you an update on the Jaymor's lube you gave me to test. I think it is a great product! There is not a squeak to be heard inside or outside my house. Gone are the days Kathryn complains about the smell of PB Blaster, WD40 or any other stinky can of lube I used to use. I have even used it to clean motorcycle parts inside the house when it is cold in the shop which I could have never done before. This winter I replaced the dreaded manifolds on my 2500HD and decided to try Jaymor's instead of my typical go to PB Blaster or Mopar penetrating oil and I did not have one bolt snap as I backed them out. I'm sold on this stuff!

Trevor Klassen more than 3 years ago