September 10, 2012

Story & Photos by Brian Sibbles

While driving through Bobcaygeon Ontario after the 2011 five points tree clean up, my better half Kim, said what is that noise?  It was just a faint noise as well we slowed down and hit the side streets looking for ice cream at Kawartha Dairy.  Yet while making a corner some guy yells, “Your jeep is making a noise, what a piece of $@#!  Ha, ha, ha.” 

Ouch, how rude I thought waiving at the guy, this truck is solid with one-ton axles, nice paint, roll cage etc.  How dare this guy take a stab at my ole ‘88 YJ?  Reaching Kawartha dairy I climbed under the truck, looking around and wiggling stuff.  I soon found that it was the 1979 Ford Front Dana 60 brakes clacking back and forth on the H block.  Making a slight mod we carried on and got home. 

I forgot about it completely until about 3 weeks later at the Camp NL pre-runs when we once again heard that noise as we traveled down the forest access road after a trail run.  “What the heck is that…” before I got the words out we heard scrapping and grinding.  Pulling over and climbing under we found that the H block had completely fallen out. The retaining bolt was still there with the caliper and holder lodged itself inside my brand new 17-inch aluminum XD rims.  SOB! I thought taking the wheel off and looking at its’ wounds, I knew this was going to happen but forgot.  Tying up the caliper and putting a piece of wood in there to restrain the piston we crutched it back to camp.  A buddy of mine offered to machine up some new H blocks and made them bigger, which got me through the weekend. 

A day later I was putting in the larger blocks and ran into one of the OF4WD Camp NL sponsors, TMR customs.  I had asked Tim if they made anything to correct this known Ford Dana 60 issue as TMR makes a wide range of upgrades for your 60.   Turns out they only make rotor conversions for the rear but are interested in making a conversion kit for the front, “Leave the idea with us” Tim said.

I lived with the larger H blocks and listened to the odd occasional noise until I finally got the news.  TMR had released their new front Dana 60 conversion to Chevy brakes.  Moving faster than an 8 year old on Halloween I called Tim up and got the first set.

Part numbers:  Part Source

1986 Chevy 3/4-ton Rotors QLS5523

1986 Chevy 3/4 Ton Calipers SL528 (left) and SL529 (right)

1986 Chevy 3/4 Ton pads CTD52

NAPA Numbers

Studs 9/16’s – 2 13/16’s = 560-335

Spindle seal Small = National 710044

Spindle seal Large = Timken 710045

Brake Conversion Kit Brackets

September 10, 2012