September 7, 2012

Story and photos By Ryan Kovac

After upgrading our good friend Steve's JK with a 4.5 inch lift, 37” tires and 4.88 gears, the only thing we felt that was lacking was the jeeps ability to stop.

To remedy this we turned to EBC brakes for their yellow stuff pads for the front (part # DP41798R), green stuff pads for the rear  (part #61799) and EBC 3DG sport rotors finished in black (front part # GD7446, rear part #GD7447).

The unit bearing hub surface was thoroughly cleaned after removing the calipers, pads and rotors.  The EBC 3DG sport rotors were installed and the rotor run out was checked. EBC recommends a maximum run-out of 0.05mm.

We had to rotate the brake rotor on the unit bearing in order to achieve a run-out of 0.03mm, if you are unable to get the run out under the 0.05mm specs, tapered shims can be purchased through EBC brakes.

Next we installed the yellow stuff pads in the front. After cleaning the caliper brackets and sliders, all the contact points were lubricated with synthetic brake slider grease.

We repeated the same steps with the rear brakes using the green stuff pads. We also cleaned, lubed and adjusted the parking brake while we were there.

The brake fluid was flushed, the wheels installed and torqued.  Steve then drove his JK for 1000 km using the brakes gently to insure a proper break in.

He returned the jeep to us for testing here is how we made out:

Stock Jeep JK 2door – 100 kph to 0 in 44.50 meters

Steve’s Jeep JK (base line) - 100 kph to 0 in 52.70 meters

Steve’s Jeep JK (EBC upgrade) - 100 kph to 0 in 43.30 meters

Wow, an impressive improvement of 9.4 meters with the EBC brakes and in fact Steve’s Jeep with 37” tires is braking better than a stock unit.

Now the only thing this Jeep is lacking… is a HEMI?

September 7, 2012