January 23, 2013

by Perry Mack

This is a better late-than-never story for my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie. It has worked through its first 260,000 kms with no signs that it will quit soon – with the exception of the floor mats. Unfortunately they haven’t been afforded any protection over the years and in a work truck that suffers through Canadian winters, the mats are hanging together by threads.

I have had protective mats for other trucks in years gone by, but I found that they slid around, didn’t fit worth a damn and the grooves, which are designed to catch the dirt, mud and snow, became clogged and hard to clean. However, I was intrigued by the claims Husky Liners® was making about the new WeatherBeater™ Floor Liners and decided to try them. Technology has come a long way in every other facet of life – so why not floor liners.

According to Husky Liners® they;

‘…offer a fresh appealing design complimenting today's current model cars, trucks and SUV's interior styling, with the same functionality and protection that's been proven with our original Classic Style™ Floor Liners. This new design is also custom-fit, features containment walls to help keep messes away from your shoes and patented "Nibs" to help keep your liners from shifting. In addition, the WeatherBeater™ liners use key elements of your vehicle's interior to give your floor liner a customized look and feel. An additional Form- fit Edge™ at the door threshold allows for easier entry and exit. Again, Husky Liners® lifetime warranty against cracking and breaking makes this a great value.’

I chose the light grey colour and got the front, centre hump and rear liners. The ‘patented nibs’ are better described as sharp, angled 1/4” thorns, which are pointed in all four directions in an alternating pattern; and most definitely keep the mats in place.

The liners have a semi-rigid construction. This patented rubberized material is said to be resistant to a number of different chemicals including, oil, gasoline and battery acid. The fit is so accurate they have a factory-finish appearance. You can see from the photos how great they look.

But looks will only get you so far… they arrived in time to be subjected to weeks of snow, rain, dirt and mud, during tire testing, trail rides and a fishing trip.

The sidewalls contained the water, which I tracked in daily during a week of rain. The grooves are close enough to keep the grunge off your pants but still far enough apart that water evaporates and you can easily hose them down.

‘Form, fit and function’ are adjectives that accurately describe these floor liners. I have every intention of testing the lifetime warranty. If you’re in need, visit www.huskyliners.com or call (800) 344-8759.

January 23, 2013