September 7, 2012

Snap On

Perfect Power Source for Outages, Outdoor Adventures and on the Job

Looking for a power source for your next outdoor adventure or a backup power supply in case of a power outage at home or the shop? The new Snap-on® Camouflage 12 Volt Jump Pack (EEJP500iCAMO) with 400-watt power inverter and 110 VAC outlets is powerful, yet safe, providing the additional power needed whether in the woods or in the dark.

“Powerful and versatile, the new Snap-on 12 Volt Jump Pack is a great addition to every shop and is the perfect power source to take with you for activities like hunting or camping,” said David Brekke, category manager for Snap-on. “You can be a hero at home if the power goes out. The EEJP500iCAMO is a reliable source of power and includes a USB port for powering or recharging portable electronic devices.”

The Snap-on Camouflage 12 Volt Jump Pack (EEJP500iCAMO) provides 2250 peak and 330 cranking amps of power as well as 275 cold cranking amps from a high output AGM battery. It features an easy-to-read multi-function digital display that indicates inverter wattage, internal battery percent of charge, and voltage plus vehicle battery voltage.  Easy to use, the on/off power switch disconnects clamps from the internal battery to help prevent accidental sparking and a reverse connection audio warning will sound if clamps are connected in reverse.

Other features and benefits of the Snap-on Camouflage 12 Volt Jump Pack (EEJP500iCAMO) include:

  • Four-gauge, 48-inch cables for convenient connection to hard-to-reach batteries
  • Corrosion proof case with a unique design that allows easy use in vertical or horizontal positions
  • Protective side caps to help protect vehicle fenders when moving around the vehicle
  • 12-volt DC power outlet for powering 12-volt devices and for recharging in-vehicle when in transit
  • Male-to-male in vehicle charging cord (EEJP500-8) included
  • Three-amp built in automatic charger for quick recharge without worry of overcharging which can be used with your existing HD shop extension cord

Learn more about the new Snap-on Camouflage 12 Volt Jump Pack (EEJP500iCAMO) by contacting your participating Snap-on franchisee or representative or by visiting

September 7, 2012